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Verge Valet (Bulk Waste)

Verge Valet provides Mosman Park residents with year-round access to bulk and green waste collections at a time convenient to you. The service replaces the standard set-date bulk waste collections that were previously offered in the Town of Mosman Park.

Q: How do I book a verge collection?

A: Booking requests are made online, visit the WMRC website to make a booking request by clicking here


Q: When are my items collected?

A: Collections are scheduled every Monday from 7am (excluding Public Holidays, when collection will be scheduled for the Tuesday).


Q: When can I place items out on my verge?

A: You will receive a place out notification confirming the date of your collection. Your items should be placed out no earlier than 1-3 days before your scheduled collection date.


Q: What type of collections am I eligible to book?

A: Residents are eligible to book the following verge collection services each financial year:

  • 2 x bulk waste collections (1x mattress is included)
  • 1 x green waste collection
  • You can change one or both of your bulk waste collections into green waste collections if you prefer. 


Q: How much waste am I allowed to put on my verge?

A: Whether you have one item or a lot, just be sure to keep the pile no larger than 3m3. And just in case you’re confused – 3m³ is the volume equivalent to 3m by 1m by 1m. This is the maximum allowance for green waste and for bulk waste collections, anything larger will NOT be collected. Of course if you book both a green waste and a bulk waste collection you can put out 3m³ of each.


Q: I live in an apartment complex, am I allowed to book a Verge Valet Service?

A: If your apartment complex is 25 units or fewer, that have access to a designated safe collection location, you can request a collection by clicking here! 

For apartment complexes that are larger than 25 units, a Verge Valet Booking Form – over 25 unit complexes will need to be lodged by your building’s managing agent, caretaker or by a nominated contact person.

Please click here to view the resources for strata managers. 

If you are unsure about the booking process if you live in a complex, please contact the Town (9383 6600 or or WMRC ( to discuss. 


Q: What items are accepted?

A: Please click here to view the accepted items.

Remember nice and neat please! See the image above for more information. Placing items into separate piles helps to improve recycling rates!


Q: Help! I need to cancel my booking!

A: Our simple online Customer Service Form allows you to cancel or alter your booking up to 1 working day before your booked collection. Simple as that!


Q: How far in advance can I book?

A: Dates up to 5 weeks in advance can be selected on the online collection request form. 


Q: What can I do with items that are not accepted by Verge Valet?

A: Items such as tyres, glass, asbestos and household hazardous waste (such as paint, gas bottles, batteries, chemicals and flammable liquids) CANNOT be accepted through Verge Valet. These items can be dropped off at the West Metro Recycling Centre. For further informaiton please click here!


Questions? View the Frequently Asked Questionsvisit the WMRC website or please email

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