Waste and Recycling

PLEASE NOTE: SUEZ recycling services continue as normal, after following the closure of Cleanaway's Guildford Recycling Facility - SUEZ's kerbside recycling services remain unchanged. All Council kerbside recycling processing continues to be seperated, recycled and diverted from landfill through the Bibra Lake Material Recycling Facility. It is more important than ever that residents continue to recycle so that we reduce contaminiation being in recycling bins. Please refer to our waste guide linked below to find out what can go into your recycling bin. 

To ensure your bins are collected, place them on the street verge by 7.00am approximately one meter from the kerb, but without obstructing the footpath. Only rubbish contained in the bins will be collected.

Bin Collection Calendar - 2020

Who do I contact about my bins?

Please contact Suez on 13 13 35 for enquires relating to:

  • Bin collection (incl. bin days and missed services)
  • Repair of existing bins

Please contact the Town of Mosman Park on 9383 6600 for enquires relating to:

  • Replacing existing bins
  • Request for additional bins

Who do the bins belong to?

The bins are the property of Suez. Your bins have serial numbers stamped on them and these numbers have been recorded against your property. The bin must remain at the property to which they are delivered.

How many bins are included in a ‘standard rubbish service’?

  • 1 x 120L general waste, red lidded bin (collected weekly)
  • 1 x 240L recycling, yellow lidded bin (collection fortnightly, on the same day as your general waste bin)  
  • 1 x 240L garden organics, lime green lidded bin (collected fortnightly on the alternating week as your recycling bin) only applicable for properties over 400m2*

For a full guide of what can go into each bin please click here to view our waste guide.

What happens if I overload or overfill my bins?

The West Metro Recycling Centre accepts a wide range of recyclable and non-recyclable items if kerbside collection is exceeded. For further information on opening times, please click here.

Additional Rubbish Service

If you require an additional bin service please complete the Additional Rubbish Service Request Form and return to the Town. There is a cost associated with every 120L additional general waste service, which will be charged directly to your rates account. Once we have received your request, we will apply the changes to your rates and Suez will deliver the additional bin/s.

Residents are also able to request additional 240L recycling bins (first additional bin being free of charge). Or upgrade to a 360L recycling bin, if you would like to upgrade to a 360L recycling bin please click here to email the Town your interest.

What is hazardous waste and where can I dispose of it?

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) includes unwanted household products that are flammable, corrosive or explosive. Residents can dispose of up to 20 litres or 20 kilograms of HHW FREE of charge at The West Metro Recycling Centre. For further information on what can be disposed please click here.

Mattresses and asbestos are also accepted, but for a fee. Please visit The West Metro Recycling Centre’s website for further information by clicking here or by calling on (08) 9384 6711.

Is there anywhere locally I can recycle my household batteries and mobile phones?

Yes, there is!  Please visit the Town’s Administration Office or The Grove Library to conveniently dispose of your household batteries and mobile phones. 

Bulk Waste Collection

New Bulk Waste Arrangement - Meet Verge Valet

Starting in the New Year, Mosman Park residents will be able to pre-book a verge waste collection at a time that is convenient to you. Verge Valet is a modern, customer-focussed alternative to traditional council bulk waste collections. Collections will be able to be pre-booked either online or via the WMRC’s Recycling Hotline. Once your collection time is allocated, bulk and green waste will be collected from your verge within days, keeping streets cleaner and reducing safety hazards and security concerns. More details to be provided in the new year. The improved collection process also means that more of the waste collected is recycled. For more information on Verge Valet, please speak to the Western Metropolitan Regional Council on 9384 6711 or email community@wmrc.wa.gov.au

To register to be part of the Verge Valet program, click here

Tip Passes

You can purchases a Tip Pass from the Town’s Administration Office or at the gates of The West Metro Recycling Centre. Conditions do apply, which are available on the WMRC website or on the Tip Pass itself. 

Small trailer load passes are available from the Town’s Administration Office;

  • General waste pass - $57.20
  • Green waste pass - $38.50

Disabled and Aged Persons

Disabled and aged persons who have difficulty placing the bins on the verge on collection day should contact the Town Administration (08) 9383 6600 or email admin@mosmanpark.wa.gov.au and an officer will then visit your property to assess the problem and advice of a mutually acceptable solution.  

Council offers a limited number of what is called a 'GOFA' service, whereby a representative from Suez can help you to bring your bin out for collection and return it for you on rubbish day. These are allocated on a most needs basis to those in our community. To download an application for this service please click here and return to the Town once completed. 

National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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Solar Power at the Administration

The Town of Mosman Park has installed solar panels (photo voltaic cells) on the roof of the Administration building. We’re producing power and reducing carbon emissions.

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