Snap Send Solve


The Town of Mosman Park is encouraging residents to Snap pictures of issues around the Town, Send them to us using the app, and by doing so, allowing us to Solve the problem!

What does it do?

This app allows any individual who observes something within the community to create a concise report of the issue. Using the tools on your smart phone allows for automatic location detection and photographic evidence of the fault. Your reports are forwarded to our teams to be fixed ASAP.

How can I download it?

If you have a smart phone and are familiar with downloading applications, you can download the Snap Send Solve app from Google Play or  the Appstore free of charge and begin using it straight away.

Click here to download the app from Google Play (for Android phones) or here to download the app from the App Store (for Apple phones)

What can I report using the app?

Snap, Send, Solve can be used to report a variety of different things, such as:
• Illegal dumping of rubbish and littering
• Broken street lights
• Street Trees that require pruning
• Graffiti
• Cracks in the footpath
• Potholes in the road
• Playground equipment in need of repair
• Park Barbecues not working
• Illegal parking or abandoned vehicles
• Other hazards around the Town


What information is required to make a report?

Snap Send Solve prompts you to capture a variety of information to make your report to the Town as comprehensive as possible. Such as the location of the issue, a photo of it and a description of the issue.


How will the Town use my report?

Once the report has been logged within out Records system, the report will be sent to the responsible officer based on the nature of the report. The officer will action your report and the problem will then be solved as quickly as possible. Please let us know if you would like to be advised when the issue has been solved.

Is my report private?

The Town of Mosman Park is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Any reports that your make are confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party; other than to any employee for the purpose of providing you with the service you require, or to comply with any applicable laws or lawful government and/or regulatory requests.

Click here to read the Town’s Privacy Policy


For other ways to report issues or to contact the Town, please click here and you will be directed to the Contact Us page.

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