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March 2013

Community Update

The Town of Mosman Park Council in December 2012 approved the Mosman Bay Foreshore Management Plan.

Based on this Plan, ‘request for quotation’ documents for both the riverine and land-based infrastructure design components of the Plan were issued.  The quotation period will close on 20 March 2013 and the submissions will be assessed by a panel consisting of representatives from the Town of Mosman Park and the Swan River Trust, with contracts to be issued for the design work soon thereafter.

Concurrently with processes to finalise the plans, tenders and costings; Council is also investigating sources of funding.  An Expression of Interest application was made for funding under the Regional Development Australia programme.  That application was not successful; however Council is continuing to seek out potential sources of funds to hasten the design process towards completion.

Further to this, the Town is working on an application for the Swan River Trust 2013-2014 Riverbank Grants Scheme, which will be lodged in April, and an operational level meeting is scheduled between the Swan River Trust and Town of Mosman Park to discuss the project and the progress to date.  Investigations are continuing into dinghy storage options for the foreshore, and an application has been lodged with the Department of Transport for an upgrade to the Johnston Street Boat Ramp.

The Town of Mosman Park is aware of the high level of community interest in the future development of Mosman Bay as a key Town asset, and shares the keenness of interested parties in bringing this project to fruition.  The Town will continue to keep community members up to date with latest developments in this process, welcoming their input at all stages of the development.

December 2012

The Sandcastles Project - 'The End of the Beginning'.

At Council meeting, held on Tuesday 18 December 2012, the Mosman Bay Foreshore Management Plan was adopted with the following resolutions.

That Council:

  1. Approve the Mosman Bay Foreshore Management Plan  -  Final Draft and its associated appendices.
  2. Authorise the Chief Executive Officer to:
  • Progress Stage One of the plan, namely the detailed design, documentation and approval works.
  • Investigate funding options for the finalised Mosman Bay Foreshore Management Plan and make application where appropriate.
  • Liaise and negotiate with  relevant  stakeholders, including the Swan River  Trust, regarding matters associated with the finalised Mosman Bay Foreshore Management Plan particularly in relation to relevant approvals.

The Foreshore Management Plan was initially developed through community consultation and survey and then refined through working with a Community Reference Group and public comment period.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those members of the community that have contributed to the project and especially the members of the Community Reference Group who have been a valuable point of contact throughout the project.

In early 2013, the Town will commence the detailed design at the same time as it explores funding options for the project.

Kevin Poynton
Chief Executive Officer

August 2012

Landscape designs for Mosman Bay foreshore underway.

The community’s vision for the Mosman Bay foreshore is beginning to take shape. The Community Reference Group has now met twice to review the Community Consultation Report and develop the final vision for Mosman Bay.

To assist the CRG in preparing the Draft Management Plan, the Town has engaged a landscape architect to visualise the various options under consideration. The CRG has to not only consider the wishes of the community when drafting the Plan, but also expert advice received from technical, environmental and financial consultants.

We had expected the Draft Management Plan to be ready for public comment by the end of September. However, following discussions with the landscape architects, this has now been pushed back to mid-October.

We will notify the community once the draft Management Plan is publicly available. Following the public comment period, the Plan will go to Council for final endorsement.

Once again thank you for your interest.

14 July 2012

The first stage of community consultations have now been completed and the Community Reference Group (CRG) has had its first meeting to discuss the outcomes and provide guidance to the technical consultants developing the options for the Bay.

Here are some highlights from the consultation report that will be made available as part of the community comment period.

Over 96% of survey respondents either strongly agreed (78%) or agreed (18%) with the statement "Mosman Bay is an important natural asset of the community".

Overall the area is valued for its tranquility and natural values and the way it encourages adults and children to interact with nature. The majority of the respondents wanted to preserve this natural beauty.

Most people expressed a desire to see the area ‘freshened up’ using word like 'family friendly' and 'inviting' to describe how they would like to regard the Bay in the future. Overall, people saw the value in some small improvement to the general amenity, but do not believe the area should be changed in a major way.

These results come from :    

  • 248 people responding to the surveys (Online and Hard copy)
  • 35 people participating at community workshops.

The next stage of the Project is now underway. Using information gathered through the survey and workshops, the Town’s technical advisors, together with the Swan River Trust, are preparing a range of options for the foreshore. These options will be evaluated by the Community Reference Group, which will then present its recommendations to the community in the form of a draft Management Plan. You will be able to comment on the draft Plan when it is released in August/September of this year. Following the public comment period, the Plan will go to Council for final endorsement.

14 May 2012

Community consultation begins

Letter from Mayor together with a Project Fact Sheet mailed to residents in Mosman Park inviting participation in the Project

2 April 2012

Repair works to river wall

Emergency works announced to repair damage to river wall along Johnson Parade to ensure the safety of the public and the amenity of the area

23 November 2011

Council resolution

Council resolves to develop a Mosman Bay Foreshore Management Plan with an overarching objective to “To protect existing infrastructure and provide an improved level of community amenity, including a beach”.

Waterwise council

National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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