Community Consultation Process

Project Stages

There were two stages to this Project:

1. Emergency repair works: Wave action on the beach has exposed the footings of the river wall causing damage to the wall and sections of the grassed areas behind the wall. Repairs works are being done to ensure community safety and provide short-term protection of the wall from further degradation.

2. Mosman Bay Foreshore Management Plan: Develop a vision for the Mosman Bay foreshore, which addresses asset management, amenity, beach facility, traffic, parking, usage, public open space, improved storm water management and water quality, and any other relevant aspects.
While stage two of the Project will canvass various options for repairs to the wall, it will also set an overall vision for the area and specify objectives and strategies across six domains:

  1. Overall vision for the area
  2. Foreshore and water (ie walls, beaches, jetties etc),
  3. Recreation and other usage (land and water)
  4. Facilities and Amenity (dinghies storage, toilets, seats, paths, BBQ etc)
  5. Access (ie pedestrian access, parking, traffic flow, boat access)
  6. Environment and Heritage (ie landscape, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Heritage Values, public awareness and education)

Decision makers

Views gathered Community and identified stakeholders
Advisory Community Reference Group
Decision Makers Town of Mosman Park Councillors
Regulatory approvals Swan River Trust, Department of Indigenous Affairs.


 Decision constraints

• Cost (capital expenditure and ongoing maintenance costs)
• Environmental factors (river quality, foreshore vegetation)
• Regulatory approval (Department of Indigenous Affairs, Swan River Trust)
• Compliance with or amendment to the existing Aboriginal Heritage Act, Section 18 approval
• Delivery of benefits for all users, whilst minimising the impacts on local residents


Management Plan engagement process


Read the Mosman Bay Foreshore Management Plan here.

Waterwise council

National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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