Please report any property damaged with graffiti to the Council Administration Offices. Should the property border with Council property, visible from public land and easily accessible, the graffiti is removed by the Town at no cost.

The Town is empowered by law to enter property to remove graffiti, but should you wish to request this not occur, please contact the Town in writing requesting graffiti not be removed without permission on your property.

The Town aims to remove all Graffiti within five [5] working days, however explicit, derogatory, or other deemed offensive graffiti will be removed within 24 hours.

The Town's 'Breaking the Criminal Code' Community Safety Folder contains information on how to minimise the risk of your property being vandalised by graffiti.

Contact Council Administration on 9383 6600 to request a free copy to be sent to you in the mail.

The Office of Crime Prevention has established a Graffiti Taskforce to drive a range of Tough on Graffiti initiatives to reduce graffiti in our community.

For further information regarding:

  • Reporting graffiti for clean-up activity;
  • Making a police report;
  • Reporting a graffiti offence in progress; or
  • Providing police with offender-related information.

Please contact the Graffiti Taskforce by visiting the Goodbye Graffiti website or phoning the Goodbye Graffiti hotline on 1800 44 22 55.


As part of the Town’s Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan, the Town of Mosman Park is offering residents free Graffiti Wipes. Graffiti Wipes are available FREE OF CHARGE from the Town of Mosman Park’s Administration Centre, The Grove Library and the Mosman Park Community Men’s shed. Graffiti Wipes are environmentally friendly, non-flammable, biodegradable, water soluble, non-toxic and safe to use on most surfaces. Users are responsible for the safe use of this product according to the product information and safety directions on the packet.


National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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Solar Power at the Administration

The Town of Mosman Park has installed solar panels (photo voltaic cells) on the roof of the Administration building. We’re producing power and reducing carbon emissions.

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