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Crossover Construction

Crossovers are the part of your driveway that crosses from your property boundary to the edge of the road. All crossovers should be constructed according to the Town's crossover specifications in order to:

•     Avoid conflict with public utilities in the road reserve;
•     Minimise stormwater entering your property from the road and footpath;
•     Maintain a standard relative to the properties in the street;
•     Not become a hazard for pedestrians and cyclists for which the owner may be liable; and
•     Qualify for the crossover subsidy that is paid to the owner by the Town.


Residents are required to submit an application for construction of a new crossover. The crossover must comply with the Town's Crossover Specifications and Policy. Council requires an application for approval to construct a crossover to be completed and approved before any works may commence, including re-surfacing an existing crossover.

Crossover Applications can take a minim of 10 Business Days to assess before approval is granted.

Application Booklet to Construct a Crossover

Once all documentation is completed please submit application and plans to the Town either at the Administration Centre on Memorial Drive, Mosman Park or to


If you are entitled to the crossover rebate (refer to section 7 of 11.2.2 Crossover Policy) and a contractor constructs the crossover, on completion of construction you are required to forward a copy of the invoice for the final cost of the crossover construction accompanied by a letter requesting the rebate. The Town will calculate the rebate which will be issued following a satisfactory inspection of the crossover by the Manager of Works.

This is only applicable if no past application has been made to the property.

Application for rebates occurs twice monthly, and this can be delayed if crossovers are not to the required standard.


National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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Solar Power at the Administration

The Town of Mosman Park has installed solar panels (photo voltaic cells) on the roof of the Administration building. We’re producing power and reducing carbon emissions.

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