Verge Construction Permit


From 1 July 2018 the Town replaced the previous verge bond process associated with building application to a verge construction permit application process. On this page you will find key information in regards to the new process, what it is for and how it is completed.

Application for Verge Construction Permit

When do I need to complete an application?

You need to complete a Verge Construction Permit form and pay the applicable fees at the time of lodging a building permit for:

  • Any Building Works over $50,000.00 (Certified and Uncertified)
  • All Swimming Pool applications (Certified and Uncertified)
  • All Demolition Permit applications

This application seeks approval for access over the Town's verge during construction periods. The applicable fee is intended to cover the general wear and tear damaged caused by these activities. For an up-to-date fees and charges schedule please see the Town's Fees and Charges.

What does this application and fee cover?

The Verge Construction Permit fee has been developed to cover the general wear and tear associated with the above mentioned building works. Example; minor cracks in footpaths and kerbing and damage to the verge surface.

Should the damage be considered more than general wear and tear, the Town will pursue means to rectify the damage and the associated costs. Below is an example of a verge with general wear and tear damages, anything in excess of this kind of damage will be required to be rectified by the applicant holder (Applicant who signed the Verge Construction Permit form)


This application is not your building permit application or approval to store items on the adjacent verge. These approvals will need to be sort separately which may incur additional fees and charges, which can be found in the schedule above.

What is meant by frontage?

This payment is required per frontage, for the address on your completed application form. Frontage is defined as;

  • Front Verge
  • Side Verge
  • Rear Lane Access/Verge
  • Adjacent Park Verge

If you have any further questions please read through our FAQ Sheet - Verge Construction Permit before contacting the Town.

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