Statutory Planning Documents

Town Planning Scheme No. 2

Local governments are required to maintain a Local Planning Scheme. The Local Planning Scheme consists of a Scheme Text and Map. The text provides the statutory guidance for development, including development provisions, permitted uses and compliance matters. The map provides the zonings for the land, which in turn indicate the type of uses that may be possible in each particular area. The current Local Planning Scheme is Town Planning Scheme No. 2.

Scheme Text

Scheme Map

Local Planning Policies

The Town Planning Scheme No. 2 is supported by a number of Local Planning Policies which guide decision-making and implementation of the Scheme.  Policies are generally guidelines that provide transparency to the general public and the Town’s staff on how discretion will be exercised over certain matters within the Scheme area of the Town of Mosman Park.

The policies do not bind the Town in making a decision contrary to a Policy and do not hinder the Town from otherwise considering the merits of each application. Nevertheless, in considering a development application for planning approval, the Town must still have due regard to all relevant Local Planning Policies.  For a detailed listing of all Local Planning Policies, please see the links listed below:

LPP 01 - Consultation Procedures
LPP 02 - Pergolas and Unroofed Structures
LPP 03 - Minim Cove Estate Design Guidelines
LPP 04 - Subdivision and Development of Lots Adjoining Underwidth Roads
LPP 05 - Tennis Court Lighting and Fences
LPP 06 - Gate Houses Within Front Setbacks
LPP 07 - Roofing Material
LPP 08 - Carports in Front Setbacks
LPP 09 - Ancillary Accommodation
LPP 10 - Home Occupations                                                                                                            
LPP 11 - Design Guidelines and Local Development Plan - Lot 200 McCabe Street, Mosman Park
               Appendix A - Local Development Plan
LPP 12 - IONA Presentation College Local Development Plan
               Appendix 1 - Local Development Plan

LPP 13 - Solar Collectors and External Fixtures

Residential Design Codes (R-Codes)

Development within the Town is subject to the provisions of the Town of Mosman Park Planning Scheme No. 2 which incorporates the provisions of State Planning Policy 3.1 - Residential Design Codes (R-Codes).

The R-Codes are available from the Department of Planning here.

WAWA Contour Maps

The Town of Mosman Park uses the West Australian Water Authority (WAWA) 1975 Perth BG34 1:1000 series maps as natural ground level for the purposes of measuring building height. 

These maps are available for download here to assist in preparing planning applications.

Waterwise council

National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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Solar Power at the Administration

The Town of Mosman Park has installed solar panels (photo voltaic cells) on the roof of the Administration building. We’re producing power and reducing carbon emissions.

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