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Application Checklists

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Requirement for Planning Approval

Changes to planning applications as a result of new State Planning Regulations.

Since the introduction of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 which came into effect on 19 October 2015 certain types of development no longer require planning approval. This can include a single house, ancillary accommodation, outbuilding, external fixtures, boundary wall or fence, pergola, verandah, garage, carport or swimming pool, certain proposals for demolition and uses that are listed as permitted ( “P”) uses in Town’s Town  Planning Scheme No 2.  Please refer to the information sheet relating to development for which approval may not be required.

The requirements to obtain a building permit prior to works commencing remains unchanged. Please refer to the Building Services section of the Town’s Website.

Before applying for a building permit please confirm whether planning approval is required or has been issued. If the Town determines that a planning approval is required when processing a  building permit application, the Town will either place the building permit application on hold or return the application. In such cases the applicant will need to complete a full planning application with its associated fees.

Further Information:
Should you have any queries regarding these new regulations please contact Planning and Regulatory Services on 9384 1633 or

Planning Information Booklet

The Information Booklet provides an overview of things you need to know about the Planning process, documents you need to consider, consultation and other essential information. This booklet should be read as a guide by all persons planning to submit a development application to be familiar with the process and how certain matters at dealt with at the Town of Mosman Park.

The booklet can be downloaded here.

Planning Checklists

The information required to be submitted in a planning application depends on what you are applying for. Checklists have been prepared to help you provide all necessary information and prevent delay in your approval being processed. A completed checklist, signed by the applicant is mandatory for all applications. An application for planning approval will not be accepted without a checklist.

Please select the relevant checklist below:

Residential Development PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)
Minor Works PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)
Home Occupation & Home Business PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)
Mixed Use Development PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)
Non-Residential Development PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)
Change of Use PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)
Amendment to a previous approval PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)

Application Forms

Planning Application Form

An application for planning approval shall be signed by the property owner. All applications submitted to the Town must be accompanied with the relevant Checklist.

Local Planning Scheme No. 3 Form 1 - 

Most applications

PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)

Revised plans form

When requested by the Town only

PDF (Print friendly) Word DOC (Editable)

Development Assessment Panel Form 1

 For DAP applications only

Department of Planning Website

Metropolitan Region Scheme Form 1 

For applications on publicly owned land only

Department of Planning Website

Swan Canning River Management Act Form 1

For applications wholly within the Swan-Canning River Development Control Area

Swan River Trust Website



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Town of Mosman Park Schedule of Fees and Charges

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