Swimming Pools

All private swimming and spa pools that contain water more that 300mm deep must have a compliant safety barrier installed that restricts access by young children to the pool and it’s immediate surrounds.

Owners and occupiers are responsible for ensuring that the safety barrier is compliant, operating and maintained at all times.  Should your swimming or spa pool not comply with the Australian Standards 1926.1.1993, you as the home owner or occupier run the risk of substantial fines and possible prosecution.

The Town of Mosman Park conducts inspections on all private swimming and spa pools, generally once every four years. 

The Town does recommend prior to selling/purchasing a property, that an inspection is undertaken to ensure the compliance of safety barriers.   

For a compliance assessment of your swimming or spa pool, please contact the Town’s Building Services on 9384 1633 to book an inspection.

Further Information

The Building Commission has released a new fact sheet, Thinking of installing a swimming pool or spa? This fact sheet provides general information about the building approvals process for your new swimming pool or spa and its safety barrier.
To download a copy of this publication, please visit the Building Commission website.

The Building Commission has another useful document to assist you with information about pools and spas. Click on the link to view the document Rules for Pools and Spas   

Town of Mosman Park Swimming Pool Barrier Safety Brochure

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