Let's Revitalise Mosman Park's Town Centre

Update - November 2019 - Draft Mosman Park Town Centre Plan

Since Council adopted the vision for the Town Centre in May 2019, the Town has been working on the draft Mosman Park Town Centre Plan (TCP) which will be the vehicle that delivers the vision for the Town Centre. The TCP is a spatial policy and action plan intended to build upon the inherent characteristics of the Town Centre and the wider Mosman Park locality. The Plan is designed to deliver the community vision for the Town Centre as follows:

“An urban village which blends architecture, landscape and activity to create a busy and visually appealing place that remembers its past and is distinctive from its surrounds.”

To deliver the vision for the Town Centre, the TCP comprises a number of proposed enacting strategies and key initiatives. The four (4) enacting strategies are:

  1. A Built Form Strategy in the form of a Local Planning Policy to promote future development that reflects the built form objectives of the community vision (LPP 20);
  2. A Movement Strategy to design and then deliver efficient movement of pedestrians, active transit and vehicles to and through the Town Centre;
  3. A Land and Street Scape Strategy that will deliver the amenity objectives of the Plan; and
  4. A Placemaking and Activation Strategy that will energise the Town Centre as an enjoyable and engaging place to go to for the community of Mosman Park.

In the short term (0-5 years), the focus will be to achieve small wins in activation and beautification of the area while initiatives that require the co-operation of external stakeholders (e.g. State Government, Main Roads, other local governments) are likely to be implemented over the longer term (10+ years).

How can i have my say on the draft Town Centre Plan?

The draft TCP will be tabled at the December Ordinary Council Meeting where, if supported in-principle, will be advertised to the public for a period of no less than three months commencing no earlier than February 2020. The draft TCP will be advertised in the local newspaper, on the Town's website, social media platforms, public notice boards and signage within the public realm. At this time, comments will be invited to be submitted. 

The submissions received during the public consultation period will assist the Town in revising the TCP.

To view the officer report to Council which includes the draft TCP and Local Planning Policy No. 20, click on the link below. 

Report to December Council Meeting with Draft Mosman Park TCP & LPP 20 (Available from Friday, 6 December)

Update - May 2019 - See the Vision

At the Ordinary Council Meeting on 28 May 2019, Council adopted the Town Centre Vision. The Vision was informed through many useful submissions that we received through workshop attendance and completion of surveys.

The adoption of this Vision paves the way for short-term and long-term improvements to the Town Centre Area to be rolled out, both by the Town and by private landowners. We invite you to see the Vision:

Summary brochure

Town Centre Vision Part 1 -  Character Evalutation, Community Consultation and Recommendations

Town Centre Vision Part 2 - Built Form Character Vision and Draft Design Guidelines

Town Centre Vision Part 3 - Public Realm Improvements and Place-Making Initiatives

Update - March 2019 - Final report to be released soon

Thank you to everyone who attended a workshop or completed a survey. We received many useful submissions. Our consultant has prepared a final report based on the proposed initiatives and with the community's feedback. Council is now considering this report and it will be released soon. 

Update - 15 September 2018 - Survey

For those who were unable to attend one of the workshops in September, a copy of the presentation is available for download below. Once you have read through the presentation, please complete an online survey or email in a submission. The comment period will close in one month on 14 October.

Presentation - Character and Place Analysis and Draft Vision (11MB)

Online Survey

Update - 24 August 2018 – Draft Vision

In November 2017 we asked the community share their vision of the Mosman Park Town Centre and received valuable feedback with over 500 suggestions.

We have also undertaken an architectural and landscape analysis of the Town Centre Area.

Combining the feedback from the community with this analysis, we have created a draft vision for the Town Centre including public realm improvements, and how private development should occur that will fit into this vision.

We invite you to provide feedback on this this draft vision and help us to fine tune it by attending one of two community workshops or completing an online survey.

Community workshops

There will be two community workshops at the Town’s Administration Office:

  • Wednesday 12 September from 6pm-8pm
  • Saturday 15 September from 10am-12pm.

The workshops will provide an overview of the feedback received from the community and the architectural and landscape analysis. We then will explain the draft vision and work through it will attendees.

Please register for the workshops by clicking here (LINK CLOSED) or phone us on 9384 1633.


Online survey

The feedback and analysis and the draft vision will be uploaded to this page after the workshops from 15 September. There will then be an opportunity for those unable to attend the workshops to review the material and provide feedback in an online survey. This will be available until 8 October.

Update - 9 January 2018

The preliminary consultation period for the Mosman Park Town Centre Study project has now closed and we would sincerely like to thank everyone that has taken the time to complete an online survey, provide us with a written submission or attended a workshop. 

In total, the Town received 53 online surveys, 12 written submissions and 40 people attended the four workshops over the month of November 2017. 

We are now working to sort through the more than 500 individual suggestions and comments received. There has been a wide variety of input which may result in small or big changes to the area, with the big changes likely to take many years to implement. 

The comments have been categorised into the following three categories and some of what was suggested is listed below:

  • Movement (parking, roads, access, cycling and pedestrians);
    • Better parking management / provision
    • More cycling infrastructure 
    • Improved lighting for better pedestrian safety
    • A new and improved crossing / better connection between east and west sides of Stirling Highway 
    • Better school traffic management
    • Oppose the widening of Stirling Highway
  • Public Realm (streets, footpaths, furniture etc.)
    • Centralised public meeting place / Piazza / Town Square
    • Rooftop garden
    • Public art
    • Better lighting / festoon lighting
    • Matching street furniture 
    • Wayfinding signage
    • More alfresco 
    • Bike hire schemes
    • Coordinated landscaping
  • Character (the look and feel of the place);
    • To develop a ‘style guide’ for the area using local characteristics 
    • Use beach and nature as colour scheme 
    • Retain heritage and character buildings
    • Incorporate heritage and character aspects into new buildings
  • Building Design
    • Buildings should create a sense of place
    • Buildings next to Heritage buildings should have limited height limits  
    • Sympathetic materials should be used on new buildings consistent with the established character
    • Landscaping should be required
    • Sustainable designs / use solar panels etc.
    • Ensure the street is activated – design frontages to increase interaction
    • Keep facades of existing buildings
  • Activation (events, activities). 
    • Markets / Festivals / Events
    • Design public spaces so that these can be held at any time.

NOTE: these ideas are taken from the feedback received and must be reviewed. They may or may not be included in the final set of recommendations to Council. 

The next steps from here include:

  • Reviewing and ‘streaming’ all suggestions / comments into the categories and mapping this information where possible;
  • Talking to major landowners in the area;
  • Preparing a Town Centre draft ‘Action Plan’ to discuss with Council and to prioritise initiatives and projects based on quick wins, medium and long term goals;
  • Asking the community to review the draft initiatives to ensure they reflect the intent of this initial consultation and make adjustments where necessary;
  • Prepare the relevant documents for formal Council approval 
  • Request that Council endorse these initiatives and their approximate timing for delivery;
  • Establish project plans based on Council’s decision / position to implement the initiatives as funds are made available in the budget.

The Town is also considering to establish a steering committee / working group to assist during the course of this project. This group will act as a ‘sounding board’ for many of the initiatives and individual items resulting from this project. The group will not have decision making powers,  but will inform recommendations to Council. Details on how the group will operate,  such as meeting schedules or terms of references, are not yet available. Should you wish to nominate for a seat on this group please contact LPickersgill@mosmanpark.wa.gov.au.

Update - 30 November

The last of the four workshops was held last night. We have had over 40 people attend workshops and over 50 submissions have been received. The survey closure date has been extended until 31 December 2017 so please encourage neighbours and friends to provide feedback here

If you missed out on attending a workshop, please reach out to us via email admin@mosmanpark.wa.gov.au. If sufficient interest is generated we will hold another workshop in the new year.

We are still able to host one-on-one sessions if this is preferred. Please phone our office to schedule an appointment. 

Update - 8 November

The survey is now available for access here.

Update - 6 November

Places are still available for the workshops so please register. The first workshop will be held this Thursday 9 November at 6pm.

The Mosman Park Town Centre, bounded by Stirling Highway, Johnson, Monument and St Leonards Streets, will experience an exciting transformation. 

Did you know the Mosman Park Town Centre is changing? Soon we will have: 
•    Opportunities for higher density, creating more opportunities for re-development
•    Potential for multi-storey dwellings, even as high as six storeys, on Glyde and Stuart Streets and on Stirling Highway
•    Three storey high developments permitted on St Leonards Street and Willis Street

Enhanced development opportunities will open up our Town to exciting opportunities for new businesses and new residential communities.

We want to hear what your vision, expectations and hopes are for the future of the area. The input of residents, business owners, community groups and visitors will shape this area into a vibrant and attractive town centre to live, work and play in.

We engaged planning consultants RobertsDay to undertake a detailed opportunities and constraints analysis of the Town Centre. The full report is available HERE.

Let’s talk to share:

  • the opportunities and constraints facing the Town Centre
  • your vision for the future of the Town Centre
  • how you see Mosman Park as distinctive in the Western Suburbs and Perth
  • your priorities for implementation of the vision

To get on board you can: 

  • Attend one of the workshops on the 9th, 15th, 23rd or 29th of November at 6pm at the Town of Mosman Park Administration Centre. Click here to register (Link Closed).
  • Complete our online survey (available from 8th November) here.
  • Visit our pop-up info stand in Glyde Street on Friday 10th November.
  • You can also write to us by email to admin@mosmanpark.wa.gov.au – please put “Town Centre Vision submission” in the subject line.
  • Postal submissions to PO Box 3, Mosman Park, WA 6912. Emailed submissions are preferred.
  • Give us a call on 9384 1633 to talk to us or make an appointment with a planner at the Town of Mosman Park.

The consultation period closes on 2 December 2017.

Information will be published on this page as the project develops to keep you informed and involved.

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