Local Planning Scheme No. 3

Update - February 2018

The Town has been advised that the Minister for Planning has approved Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS3) on 18 January 2018. 

The Scheme will have effect from the date of gazettal which will be 28 February 2018. From this day Town Planning Scheme No. 2 (TPS2) will be revoked.

The final copy of the Scheme is available for download here, along with the Scheme Map:

Gazetted Edition

From 28 February 2018 onwards, all applications, including those currently being processed will be determined under LPS3. 

Update - January 2018

The Draft Town of Mosman Park Local Planning Scheme No. 3 has been adopted by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) and is currently with the Minister for Planning for final signoff. Upon Ministerial signoff, the Scheme will require publishing in the Government Gazette in order to come into effect. This is expected to occur in the coming months.

Scheme Submitted to WAPC - June 2016

Due to changes to State Government planning legislation, further modifications to the Scheme were required to align the Scheme with the new legislation. The finalised version of the Scheme, as submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission, is available below:

Draft Local Planning Scheme No. 3 Scheme Text (as submitted)

Draft Local Planning Scheme No. 3 Map (as submitted)

Scheme Adopted by Council - February 2016

The Scheme as advertised was adopted by Council with modifications at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 23 February 2016. The Schedule of Submissions and Modifications is available below:

Coucil Meeting Minutes

Attachment 1 - Schedule of Submissions

Attachment 2 - Schedule of Modifications

Advertised Scheme

The Scheme as shown below was advertised in 2015:

Draft Local Planning Scheme No. 3 Scheme Text (as advertised)

Draft Local Planning Scheme No. 3 Map (as advertised)

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