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Monument Hill Revitalisation Project

About the Project

This project aims to restore the natural and built environment of Monument Hill (or officially, the eastern-end of Buckland Hill), to rebuild local sense of pride, and to enrich the experience visitors have whilst at Monument Hill simultaneously showcasing the site’s plentiful history and significance to the local and broader community.

Why is the Project being undertaken?

A report describing the reasoning behind the Monument Hill Revitalisation Project was first presented at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 22 September 2015. This report described Monument Hill as a common place for dumping unwanted household items which attracts anti-social behaviour most likely due to the site’s secluded location and lack of lighting. In general, the site is run-down, overgrown and presents poorly.

What has happened so far?

Following the September report, Council resolved to (OCM-170-2015):

  1. Endorse the Monument Hill Revitalisation Project for implementation
  2. Request the CEO to present the Project Plan to CTS by March 2016
  3. Request the CEO to convene a project team consisting of:
    1. Councillors
    2. relevant staff
    3. selected community members

The September 2015 report also outlined the desired objectives of the project, being to:

  • Provide innovative solutions to increase the awareness of local heritage;
  • Reduce site degradation from environmental and visitor damage;
  • Improve the presentation of a local icon of great historical and cultural significance to Western Australia;
  • Improve visitor safety at the site;
  • Upgrade visitor access to meet disability standards; and,
  • Enhance the landscape sympathetic to natural environment.

A project reference group formed and engaged in the professional services of Blackwell and Associates to assist in developing ideas and to create an annotated concept plan with the view that the plan will be used to seek community feedback and supplementary grant funding at a later date.

At a meeting held with the project reference group on 12 May 2016, it was agreed that the concept developed by Blackwell and Associates had met the objectives and requirements originally stipulated, and to submit a report to Council for endorsement. 

On the 23 August 2016, the project was presented to Council for endorsement. Council resolved to (OCM-389-2016):

  1. Adopt the proposed concept for the Monument Hill Revitalisation Project for the purposes of community consultation;
  2. Authorise the CEO to extend the licence agreement area currently held with the Water Corporation at Buckland Hill, and/or establish a new agreement to meet the requirements of the project and stakeholders; and
  3. Authorise the CEO to develop an agreement with Landgate regarding Reserve 39124, in which the monument currently sits, for the purposes of the project.
  4. Request the CEO to provide the final concept, taking into consideration feedback from community consultation and agreements identified in part 2 and 3 above for Council endorsement.

The August report also indicated that following Council adoption, the concept will be taken through a community consultation process prior to being developed into a final concept plan. The following identifies actions to be taken prior to the final concept being presented to Council:

  1. Adopt proposed concept plan (OCM August 2015)
  2. Planning
    1. Develop project management plan
    2. Resolve / obtain land tenure licenses and approvals
  3. Community consultation
    1. Detail concept plan for community consultation
    2. Stakeholder workshops
    3. Distribute for discussion
  4. Develop detailed design package
    1. Finalise design based on consultation
    2. Obtain approvals or endorsement from relevant government departments
    3. Prepare draft scope of works
  5. Final concept adopted by Council

The next stage of the project involves using the concept plan to establish broader community consultation and engagement with Mosman Park residents, landowners, local businesses and organisations, as well as obtaining feedback from heritage professionals. Feedback received will be used to feed changes into the concept plan and to develop the project master plan.

Please join us at one of the following workshops at the Town’s Administration Building on Memorial Drive in Mosman Park on either:

  • Monday 12 December (5.30pm – 7.30pm); or
  • Thursday 12 January (9.30am – 11.30am).

Alternatively, interested parties can visit the Town’s Administration Building to discuss or contribute thoughts and ideas at an informal drop-in session, between 10am and 3pm on either Wednesday 7 December 2016, Thursday 8 December 2016 or Saturday 14 January 2017.

Those interested in participating in the community consultation are encouraged to please RSVP to Haylie Clark by sending an email to or by calling 9384 1633. 

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If you have any questions about the Project please call 9384 1633.  

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