Agenda Forum

In December 2016, the Town of Mosman Park Council revised its pre-Council meeting committee format.

What has changed?

Previously, Council had held two separate committee meetings (Corporate and Technical Services Committee and Regulatory Services Committee) in the weeks preceding the Ordinary Council meeting.  In place of the two committee meetings (detailed above) Council has created an Agenda Forum as a way to improve the efficiency of Council’s decision-making regime.  The implementation of an Agenda Forum is a model recommended by the Department of Local Government and Communities for the following reasons, as it: 

•    Allows elected members to meet and discuss matters relating to the operation and affairs of their local government outside of the formal Council meeting framework;
•    Allows the Ordinary meeting of Council to focus on the decision-making needs of the local government; and
•    Has led to better informed elected members and a more efficient and effective decision-making regime.

Furthermore, the complexity of many items means that elected members may need to be given information additional to that in a staff report and/or they may need an opportunity to ask questions of relevant staff members.  

Importantly, the meeting is open to the public, and public questions and presentations are welcome at Agenda Forums.

How does it work?

The Agenda Forum meeting:
•    has the same agenda as the Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM)
•    is held in the Council Chamber on the third Tuesday of the month, in the prior to the Ordinary Council Meeting commencing at 6pm
•    is chaired by the Mayor, and the same standing orders for an OCM
•    makes no formal binding decisions
•    is open to the public, who are encouraged to ask questions and make deputations and presentations
•    the agenda for the Forum is to be published on the Friday before the meeting

Where can I find the agenda for the next Agenda Forum meeting?

Dates and agendas for these meetings, as well as forms for making deputations and presentations are available at the Town of Mosman Park website at this link

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