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Community resilience scorecard

The MARKYT Community Resilience Scorecard was undertaken by CATALYSE with support from Local Government Professionals WA and funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to measure how communities measured the response from local governments to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The online scorecard was open to all residents aged 18+ across Western Australia, hard copies were also made available by some smaller and regional local governments.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated, 7,666 community members state-wide from 128 local government areas completed a scorecard.

Local residents across Western Australia have shown strength and resilience in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The state-wide results show:

  • Overall general health only dropped 2 index points across West Australian communities during the COVID-19 pandemic*
  • 69% of community members feel hopeful and enthusiastic about the future
  • Community members are happy with Local Government's response to COVID-19, scoring overall performance 68/100 with a 'good' average rating

A majority of community members:

  • Believe Local Government has demonstrated clear thinking and decision making
  • Feel Local Government has shown empathy and compassion
  • Have confidence and trust in Local Government to make good decisions
  • Agree there are good health and safety practices in place at community facilities to manage COVID-19 risks

Click here for the full results.

The results from individual councils will be released in the coming weeks. 

Green Place Jetty to be Repaired

Thank you to the 218 people who completed the online survey about the Jetty. The results indicate that the jetty is regularly used, with the majority of respondents being in favour of the jetty being repaired. Click here to see the survey results!

Council has allocated funds in the 2020/21 budget for the Green Place Jetty restoration works. The Town will now invite quotes for the required works to enable to jetty to be re-opened for public use.

2020/21 Budget

BUDGET 2020/21  FAQs

Q.  Why is the budget important?

The 2020/21 Budget seeks to maintain Council’s focus to protecting our natural and built environment; and preserving Mosman Park’s unique individuality – between River and Sea.

COVID-19 has had an impact on all of us; and in this context the 2020/21 budget sees no increase in rates revenue but strives to maintain the services our community values.

Q. How does Council provide for a financially sound budget?

When developing the 2020/21 Budget Council applied the following guiding Key Principles:

1. Recurring income must exceed recurring expenditure.

2.  Each of the Town’s service delivery activities is to be cost and quality competitive.

3. Asset renewal must have a higher priority than the creation of new assets.

4. Identify new income-producing opportunities.

5. Maintain benchmark results against key performance indicators (financial ratios).

6. Consideration of a reserve funding strategy.

Q.  Who pays local government rates and why?

Generally, rates are paid by the owners of residential and commercial properties located in the Town of Mosman Park.  Some exemptions apply as per the Local Government Act, 1995. These funds enable the  Town to deliver more than 100 services and programs to the community, such as maintenance of parks and reserves, roads, footpaths, health, waste, planning, rangers, and community recreational facilities.

Annual Rates Notices are issued by the Town of Mosman Park early in the financial year and are due at least 35 days from the date of issue.

Q.  How are rates calculated?

The amount of money you pay in rates each year is  calculated by multiplying a property’s Gross Rental Value (GRV) by a rate in the dollar calculated by the Town of Mosman Park.

(Your rates = GRV x rate in dollar)

GRVs are determined by the state government body Landgate. It is an estimate of how much you would expect to receive if you were to rent your property.

Each year, the Town sets a minimum charge based on the basic services provided by Council. If the calculation of the GRV by the rate in the dollar results in an amount less than the minimum charge, then the minimum charge will be raised.

The below rate in the dollar and minimum payments were agreed by the Town for 2020/21.

Rate in the dollar $0.07206 (2019/20 $0.068011)

Minimum rate $907 (2019/20 $907)

Q. How does Council determine the Rate in the Dollar?

As part of the yearly budget process, the Town determines the Rate in the Dollar by dividing the total amount of money to be raised in general rates by the total value of all ratable properties. The resulting figure is the Rate in the Dollar. For the 2020/21 financial year the Town maintained the rates yield the same as 2019/20 as part of its COVID19 recovery and relief package.

Q. Why are my rates different from 2019/20?

Every three years a revaluation of properties is done across the Perth Metropolitan area. The Valuer General provides this GRV valuation for each property and this is used to calculate your rates.

Your rates will vary - depending on where your valuation change sits across the average change for the Town.

Q. Why don’t rates go down when there is a drop in property market?

This is because your rates are not directly linked to movements in the property market – only the value of your property in comparison with your neighbours. Using the Town’s budget as the starting point for setting the amount of rates required, protects ratepayers from increases that are not directly aligned with the provision of services.

Q.  What is the Rates freeze that Local Governments are talking about?

The rates freeze adopted by many Councils in response to COVID-19 is about not increasing the total amount of rates revenue received by Local Governments. The intent of the rates freeze was to help provide ratepayers with financial certainty – in effect one less surprise in what is a difficult time for many.

However, the periodic system of revaluations of properties undertaken by the Valuer General will result in some ratepayers paying more and some less than last year – while the revenue to Local Governments remains unchanged.

Watch the WALGA video here for more information on the rates hold

Q. Can I appeal my property's valuation?

If you believe the valuation of your property is incorrect, you can lodge an objection to Landgate at, call (08) 9273 7373 or visit their website at

The Town of Mosman Park is not authorised to amend property valuations except on the advice of the Valuer-General’s Office.

Q.  Is there a pensioner concession for rates? 

Pensioners are eligible for a 50 per cent rebate on general rates, up to a maximum of $750.

Seniors are eligible for a 25 per cent rebate, up to a maximum of $100.

Pensioners and seniors may also be able to defer rates and Emergency Services Levy (ESL) charges until your property is sold.

If you are eligible, the pensioner or senior concession will apply from the date of your application is received by the Water Corporation.

Q. What happens if I can’t pay my rates?

If you are unable to pay the rates by the due date please complete the form here and submit to the Town by email

With the exception of eligible pensioners and seniors, interest will be charged on all overdue accounts calculated daily at the rate of 8% per annum.

Q. What other charges do I pay for?

Emergency Services Levy (ESL)

The ESL Levy is charged to all property owners in WA to fund fire and emergency services. The Town is required to collect this levy for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES). For more information please visit the DFES website.

The Town’s full list of fees and charges can be accessed here

Q.  What funding is available for community groups?

The Town of Mosman Park recognises the valuable role community groups play in maintaining an active, vibrant and diverse community and this coming financial year the Town has focused on ensuring that the Community Development Program is in keeping with the Town’s objective of delivering sustainable services.

Some of the budget highlights include:

  • Funding for Seniors Programs of $3,000 has been allocated for projects run in partnership with local clubs, associations and service providers to promote the positive mental and physical wellbeing of seniors within our community. $4,500 has also been allocated to promote healthy lifestyle activities such as walking and cycling.
  • The popular Neighbourhood Barbecue program will continue, with barbecues events in parks such as Rope Works Park and Gibbon Park.
  • The Town continues to provide programs for young people in the community through the Mosman Park Youth Advisory Council (MPYAC). Funding of $8,100 has been allocated by the Town to assist the MPYAC to build capacity and develop skills as well as facilitating their leadership roles in events such as the STOMP! amazing race. Further funding of $7,000 has been allocated for children’s programs and support of School Chaplains program.
  • Recognising volunteers and the contribution that they make to our local community continues to be a priority of Council with an amount of $4,000 allocated for Thank a Volunteer Day celebrations as well as volunteering promotion and support.
  • The Home Security Rebate Scheme will continue to support residents in taking a proactive role in creating safer neighborhoods by subsidising the cost of new home security devices with funding of $6,000 allocated.
  • The Community Partnership Program has been increased, with $16,000 funding allocated to improve the capacity and long term viability of local community and sporting groups and to facilitate the development of new initiatives to benefit the Mosman Park Community. Provision of funds has also been made to support community groups and residents to develop and run events that will create a more vibrant Mosman Park and increase neighbourhood connections.

For more information on these and other Community Development Programs click here or email

Q. How can I have a say about the Town’s services?

We live in a great place; and we are committed to making it better. We invite you to be part of the conversation to map out the next 10 years with us. Please keep an eye out on our website under the ‘Have your Say’ for more information on how you can get involved in co-designing our future.

Click here to view the full budget.

Calling all local business to Marketplace


As part of Support Local – Mosman Park, local businesses across all sectors are encouraged to sign up to the free online register, VendorPanel Marketplace and seek new Local Government procurement opportunities.  The Marketplace platform uses geolocation technology so that staff at the Town and surrounding local governments can identify local suppliers and, where there are no existing contracts, invite them to submit quotes and proposals.

“For many businesses on the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Marketplace may be helpful in raising their visibility and increasing the number of opportunities to quote for business. We value local businesses and want to support them where feasible,” says Mayor Brett Pollock.

Other benefits of Marketplace for suppliers include providing a quoting system which is more streamlined and simplified.

“We know it takes time and effort to respond to quotations. This platform streamlines and simplifies the process for businesses.  Local governments will be able to search for services and local businesses will be able to receive and respond to requests for quotes,” explains Mayor Pollock.

For more information or to register your business, visit here.



Future of the Mosman Park Golf Club

29 May 2020


Council endorse “in principle” 10-year lease with golf club

The Town of Mosman Park Council has endorsed an “in principle” 10-year lease agreement with the Mosman Park Golf Club (MPGC) from 1 July 2021, subject to a further report in June 2020 to finalise the draft Agreement.

Mayor Brett Pollock says: “We have been working together over the last few months to reach an agreement on the terms of this new lease as both the Town and the MPGC know it is an important community asset.”

Once the new lease is effective, MPGC will be responsible for any ongoing maintenance and capital works projects.

MPGC General Manager Tony Howell says: “Many community members and guests enjoy this beautiful course and picturesque views.  We will work with the Town on maintaining the safety and splendour of the club.”

The nine-hole golf course was built in 1961 by the Club's founding members.  In recent years, it has undergone a facelift under the guidance of Perth golf course architect Michael Coate.

In addition to the course, the MPGC offers a range of membership options, lessons, corporate golf days, and has a pro shop.   It is also available for hire for weddings, social events and business seminars.

Mayor Pollock says: “We look forward to continuing to work closely and collaboratively as the Agreement progresses.”

* Media enquiries:

Communications Advisor, Town of Mosman Park,     Email:

Tony Howell, General Manager, Mosman Park Golf Club, Ph: 9384 6312     Email:



Dear Mosman Park residents and ratepayers,  

In late 2019, we started the process of considering options for the future of the Mosman Park golf course. Over the last few months I have heard, loud and clear, from many people throughout the community, how important this natural asset is to
you and me.

In our Town, we are truly blessed to have so much green open space.  We are surrounded by natural beauty on all sides - our parks and reserves, our river and ocean - which are key to why people choose to live here. Our community clubs, groups, associations and volunteers add value beyond measure. In recognition of the support you have expressed for the Mosman Park Golf Club, Council last night offered them a new lease for seven years with the option of a further extension of two

This lease was offered so that the Club can continue to operate and we can engage the community on your priorities for Council in the next ten years. I would like to thank everyone who has contacted Council to share their views, and I am confident that after extensive community consultation – including forming a Community Panel, and consulting all ratepayers and residents over the next twelve months - Council will be able to make an informed decision. This decision will meet community needs, respecting the contribution made by our clubs, volunteers and community groups, and offer maximum opportunity for everyone to enjoy the golf course reserve.  Keep an eye on this website for more updates as they emerge and fact sheets about all pertinent matters before Council.

Best wishes,

Mayor Brett Pollock
Town of Mosman Park

Updated Monday 17 February 2020

A Council Report about the future of the Mosman Park Golf Course will be tabled at our Agenda Forum on Tuesday 18 February 2020 commencing at 6pm in the Council Chambers. 

To read the report and the full agenda for this meeting, click here and the attachments are here.

For information on how to ask a question or make a deputation click here.  


In 18 January's edition of POST Newspapers, Mayor Brett Pollock has put some context around current discussions about the future of the Mosman Park golf course

On Friday 10 January 2020, Mayor Pollock was quoted in an interview with David Cohen of The Post newspaper, where he forecast the beginning of a discussion about the possible future use of the land now occupied by the Mosman Park Golf Club.

To assist our residents, patrons of the club and other interested parties to understand the issues raised in that article, a list of answers for Frequently Asked Questions is listed below.


What is happening with the Mosman Park Golf Course?

We invite the community to work closely together with us as we begin to consider the vision for the future use of the land occupied by the Mosman Park Golf Course.

No decisions have been made at this time – a decision will only be made once extensive community consultation has been undertaken.

Has a decision already been made?

No.  After a process of community engagement, the options will be put to a decision of Council.  A decision will only be made after the consultation is complete and community needs are known and understood.

Why is the Town of Mosman Park doing this?

The Golf Club lease will expire in June 2022. We want to explore all viable options available so that we can consider a variety of opportunities for the site for best possible use for everyone.

How are you going to do this?

  • In considering these options, we will be seeking community input on how this land should be used. 
  • We will also be mindful of the impact of any decisions on the primary stakeholders specifically the Mosman Park Golf Club and its members and residents in the immediate vicinity.
  • Whichever options are chosen must be environmentally and financially sustainable, ensure responsible water use, respectful of heritage and future-focussed, reflecting community needs as reflected in Council’s strategic objectives and plans.

What is happening now?

The Town will embark on a process to involve the community in deciding how Mosman Park residents and property owners and other interested parties think this land should be used.

What are the possible options?

There is no fixed plan as we want the future of this space to be determined through community engagement and in keeping with local needs and aspirations.

Will other Crown Land, parks, reserves and assets be next?

No.  There are no plans or discussions about the reclassification of the land currently purposed as parks, reserves, or for any other open space areas; nor are there plans to examine the future use of land for the Bowling Club, Tennis Club or any other assets.

How will you keep us informed?

We will conduct an extensive community engagement process with those directly affected by the proposed changes, including the golf club, its membership and adjoining properties, with the broader Mosman Park community and other invested parties.

Those interested in finding out more about this process as it goes along are invited to send an email to for updates as they emerge.

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