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Keep up to date with what the Town is doing in response to the novel coronavirus situation.



COVID Safety Plan Links

On Saturday 6 June 2020, Phase 3 of the COVID-19 WA roadmap was implemented by the WA Government.

Further information can be found here along with the COVID safety plan template and guidelines.

Businesses closed by the Directions under the Emergency Management Act must complete a COVID Safety Plan before reopening and display a COVID Safety Plan Certificate (available in the COVID safety plan business pack) in a visible location on the premises. 

Please note that premises that opened during Phase 2 should update their COVID Safety Plans accordingly.

COVID Safety Plans are an important part of ensuring that re-opening businesses does not increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.


COVID Safety Guidelines 

COVID Safety Plan

Food Businesses/Sport and Recreation

Specific guidelines have been developed for food businesses and sport and recreation venues.

Refer to website for more information.

Verge Valet - easy as 1, 2, 3!

Moving out of lockdown

The Town enjoyed the easing of restrictions via Phase 3 of the COVID-19 WA Roadmap to Recovery. And, with this mild June weather, Saturday 6 June was perfect for playing in the park, beach or river front.  Indulge in coffee or a meal or visit a local gallery. This will also help stimulate our local economy. Please remember to stay safe and sanitise hands, practice physical distancing and take healthy hygiene steps. For details of a particular business or service, please contact them directly.  The Town has re-opened some outdoor facilities and is progressively working towards reopening recreational facilities. The Town has implemented COVID Safety plans to facilitate these re-openings and are supporting our community and sporting clubs as they work towards compliance with the WA restriction requirement. Town-owned toilet facilities have hygiene signage and are stocked with liquid hand soap and paper towels. BBQ facilities are scheduled to be professionally cleaned on Thursday 11 June, so you can enjoy a BBQ in the weeks to come. For any queries regarding the Town’s services and facilities, please call 9383 6600.


Town's main office open for business

The Town's administration office is again open from Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.  All services are back to normal. including planning and building applications, waste, rates, dog & cat registrations, verge valet, engineering, trees and streetscapes.  Payments can also be made at the office, although contactless payments are preferred.

"Social distancing protocols will be in place including a safety screen to protect staff and maintain appropriate distancing, sanitiser on the counter, and a regular daily cleaning routine," says Senior Human Resources and Safety Advisor, Hannah Young. 

If queries can be dealt with over the phone this would be the preferred method. 

"However, the council is open to the public and available to provide customer service safely," says Hannah.

Green Place Jetty Consultation Overview

The Town invites comments from residents and all other stakeholders about the future of the jetty located at Green Place Reserve, Chidley Way in the Town.


The Green Place jetty was constructed in 1987. It is an ageing asset that has sustained considerable and costly damage over the past six years due to the deterioration of piling from natural (river) and artificial (boating vessels) factors. In 2019 five piles were found to have significantly deteriorated and need to be replaced or reconstructed. As it was unsafe, the jetty was closed until repair works could be completed. In the 2019-20 Budget, Council allocated $9,500 for repairs of the Green Place jetty. The Town sought quotes for the repair works; only one quote was received at a cost that significantly exceeded the budget allocation. The jetty is still closed.

The Town has three public access jetties. Two jetties are owned by The Town – at Green Place reserve, and at Minim Cove (maintained by Octennial Holdings). The third jetty at Mosman Bay is owned and maintained by the Department of Transport. The Green Place jetty is either accessed via the river or Green Place reserve; this reserve is not under the control of the Town and is managed by the Department of Planning. Costs for maintaining and replacement of the two Town-owned jetties are considerable.

Project Objectives

At its February OCM, Council agreed to undertake community engagement to help it decide the future options for the Green Place jetty. Findings will be provided to Council for consideration as part of the 2020/21 Budget process.

Key Messages:

  • The Town has three public access jetties. Two jetties are owned by The Town – at Green Place reserve, and at Minim Cove. The third jetty at Mosman Bay is owned and maintained by the Department of Transport. Costs for maintaining and replacement of the two Town-owned jetties are considerable.
  • The Green Place jetty is currently closed because damage to the piles renders it unsafe for use.
  • The Town is increasing its focus on financial and triple bottom line sustainability, ensuring its future ability to support and adapt to the community’s needs and aspirations. Major projects and maintenance of existing assets and services all have financial, economic or social implications. This requires community discussion about which spaces across the community to preserve or alter.
  • The cost to completely replace the jetty is considered to be prohibitive, and this is not a viable option for consideration.

Have your Say

The Town invites all submissions via the consultation survey link below responding to key questions and providing comment. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes. Submissions outside of the survey (i.e. via email, letter etc) will not be accepted unless discussed prior to submitting with the Town. - This consultation survey will remain open until 11:59pm Sunday 31st May 2020, no further submissions will be accepted after this time.

Should you have any queries regarding the survey or the consultation of Green Place jetty, please contact Anthony Booth at the Town of Mosman Park on 9383 6600 as soon as possible in order to minimise delay in your submission.

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