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Phase 2 easing of restrictions on commenced 18 May 2020. The Town is reviewing how best to do this in Mosman Park. Some community areas require detailed review before decisions can be made. This is for health, safety and legal reasons. Click this banner for categories with questions and answers. At the time of publishing, all information was current. For the most current information, visit
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Drive-by celebrations for 92-year old resident

This lovely Mosman Park resident, Pat Wray, celebrated her 92nd birthday last month in a most unusual way. Her grand-daughter Paula McRae organised a drive-by with family members who wanted to show their love and share their wishes with Pat.

Paula contacted the Town about her idea to make sure she was within social distancing rules.  The easing to 10 people or less happened a few days after the birthday.  But drive-by birthdays are a trend at the moment because of COVID-19.  Cars drive slowly by donned with birthday banners and the 'guests' can sing or call out to the birthday person, pass over gifts, wave streamers and toot horns.  However, this is all whilst ensuring traffic congestion and noise levels are within the legal limits.

"We did our parade this morning and our Nan was SO happy!!" said Paula.

The Town wishes Pat the very best for her 92nd year and hopes the creative celebration is a special memory made for her and the family.

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