Future of the Mosman Park Golf Club

In today’s edition of POST Newspapers, Mayor Brett Pollock has put some context around current discussions about the future of the Mosman Park golf course

On Friday 10 January 2020, Mayor Pollock was quoted in an interview with David Cohen of The Post newspaper, where he forecast the beginning of a discussion about the possible future use of the land now occupied by the Mosman Park Golf Club.

To assist our residents, patrons of the club and other interested parties to understand the issues raised in that article, a list of answers for Frequently Asked Questions is listed below.


What is happening with the Mosman Park Golf Course?

We invite the community to work closely together with us as we begin to consider the vision for the future use of the land occupied by the Mosman Park Golf Course.

No decisions have been made at this time – a decision will only be made once extensive community consultation has been undertaken.

Has a decision already been made?

No.  After a process of community engagement, the options will be put to a decision of Council.  A decision will only be made after the consultation is complete and community needs are known and understood.

Why is the Town of Mosman Park doing this?

The Golf Club lease will expire in June 2022. We want to explore all viable options available so that we can consider a variety of opportunities for the site for best possible use for everyone.

How are you going to do this?

  • In considering these options, we will be seeking community input on how this land should be used. 
  • We will also be mindful of the impact of any decisions on the primary stakeholders specifically the Mosman Park Golf Club and its members and residents in the immediate vicinity.
  • Whichever options are chosen must be environmentally and financially sustainable, ensure responsible water use, respectful of heritage and future-focussed, reflecting community needs as reflected in Council’s strategic objectives and plans.

What is happening now?

The Town will embark on a process to involve the community in deciding how Mosman Park residents and property owners and other interested parties think this land should be used.

What are the possible options?

There is no fixed plan as we want the future of this space to be determined through community engagement and in keeping with local needs and aspirations.

Will other Crown Land, parks, reserves and assets be next?

No.  There are no plans or discussions about the reclassification of the land currently purposed as parks, reserves, or for any other open space areas; nor are there plans to examine the future use of land for the Bowling Club, Tennis Club or any other assets.

How will you keep us informed?

We will conduct an extensive community engagement process with those directly affected by the proposed changes, including the golf club, its membership and adjoining properties, with the broader Mosman Park community and other invested parties.

Those interested in finding out more about this process as it goes along are invited to send an email to for updates as they emerge.

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