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Mosman Park Plans for a Green and Leafy Future with new Street Tree Masterplan

The Town of Mosman Park has formally adopted and endorsed its new Street Tree Masterplan which sets forth a future vision and management strategy to keep the Town a thriving urban oasis.

In developing the Masterplan, Town experts approached the process with a recognition of the importance of street trees, affirming the value trees add to the aesthetics of the suburb; as well as the other benefits trees provide such as shade, habitat for local wildlife, and the visual appeal they add to the streetscape.

The Town conducted extensive community consultation in developing the Masterplan, seeking residents’ input through online surveys, written submissions and face-to-face meetings, with a wide range of ideas, data and points of view reflected in the finalised Masterplan that was affirmed at Council’s September meeting.

Mayor Pollock was delighted with the process and the final result, advising that throughout the development of the Street Tree Masterplan several opportunities and threats have been identified that were otherwise unknown. He explained these opportunities included the identification of an engaged and supportive community who were interested in improving street trees across the Town, as well as protecting and retaining existing trees, and volunteering with planting new ones.

Some of the threats identified during the process included aging tree stock (some of the iconic Norfolk Pines in Memorial Park had already reached the end of their natural lives and had been recently replaced, with more to come), a lack of tree canopy cover in some areas, as well as a lack of diversity in tree stock.

“We have canvassed broad range of community views about trees in the Town”, Mayor Pollock explained, “with some reporting they want more diversity in terms of tree species away from the prevalent bottlebrush and peppermint tree species, and we have taken that into account Masterplan”, he said.

Mayor Pollock advised that residents would have more say in which street trees are planted in their local area, and that this will enable a more consistent and equitable approach to selection and installation.  He encouraged residents to develop a sense of ownership over the trees in their streets, and allowing their input into tree selection was an important step in that process.

“The Masterplan gives us a strong framework going forward,” he said, “that will guide which trees we plant, and where; and the resourcing required to maintain them, which in turn reflects the importance of these green assets to our Town, and their significance in making Mosman Park a green and beautiful place to live in,” Mayor Pollock said.

To view the plan, click here

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