New Bulk and Green Waste Collection Dates Announced

The Town of Mosman Park would like to advise residents that the next round of collections for bulk and green waste will begin on Monday 21 October. Residents can place waste out on their verge from 12 October onwards.

For a complete list of dos and don'ts with how to manage bulk waste, click here for answers to Frequently Answered Questions.


All tree and shrub prunings collected will be recycled into mulch at the Westro Metro Recycling Centre in Shenton Park. Please click here if you would like to view their website. 

Please do not place any waste on your verge any earlier than TEN DAYS before the first day of collection. 

Once your waste is deposited on your verge, please be patient and wait for the completion of the collection process before contacting Council to enquire about collections in your street. 


Council reserves the right to penalise residents who deposit waste prior to ten days before collection or after the collection has been completed. 

Don’t deposit any waste AFTER 6am on the first day of collection as it will not be picked up.

Illegal dumping of waste in the Town of Mosman Park will not be tolerated and any incidences should be reported immediately.

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