Town of Mosman Park Budget Delivers for Residents While Creating Savings and Efficiencies

At last night’s Special Council Meeting, the 2018-2019 Town of Mosman Park Budget was adopted unanimously, ensuring that high quality services for residents will be maintained as the Town focuses on financial sustainability into the future.

Announcing the adoption of this year’s Budget, the first delivered in his tenure, Mayor of Mosman Park, Brett Pollock, said he was pleased that Council had embraced the challenge of aligning the Town’s commitment to providing for the community with the financial realities the Town faces.

“Council always has the community’s needs at heart, and in the past we have been very generous in supporting them, particularly our local sporting and social clubs.  This Budget strikes the correct balance between the need to support the great work of our Town’s volunteers and community leaders whilst ensuring that our Town’s finances are strong and sustainable for the years ahead,” he said.

Highlights of Budget 2018-2019:

  • Delivers for residents a modest rate rise in the dollar of just 0.9% that is in line with the
    WA CPI for the past year;
  • Increase in the Town’s financial reserves by $716,000 (an increase of 29%), ensuring savings for future expenses;
  • Capital expenditure of $2.48 million, ensuring that the Town’s assets are looked after;
  • A 4% overall debt reduction in the Town’s debt position; and
  • An 11% reduction in net expenditure attributable to operating activities saving $695,000.

Mayor Pollock explained: “Council believes that fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone issue for the community as a whole, particularly in light of the current economic downturn. By exercising good governance, The Town of Mosman Park is aiming to keep rate rises affordable for all rate payers, whilst still fulfilling its commitment to provide high quality services, programs and maintaining community assets in good condition.”

Mayor Pollock advised that unlike other local governments who are able to draw on revenue streams collected through paid parking and rental income, the Town of Mosman Park is limited in its ability to generate income outside of rates, and this is an ongoing challenge.

“Of the 4.3km2 total land area of Mosman Park, less than half (44.4% of the land area) is rateable, the rest being roads, parks, churches and schools, other crown land, or land that is exempt from rates. This presents a challenge for us in generating revenue.”

Mayor Pollock said this reality of a tight revenue position would not change in the immediate future, and this underlined the importance of maintaining effective control of Council spending, whilst still ensuring that residents were able to access a range of services and events that make Mosman Park Perth’s most desirable place to live.

He has invited residents to view the Budget document in full online at the Town’s website to view the impressive range of services, programs and events that will be delivered in the current financial year.

A Budget Bulletin for residents outlining the highlights of this year’s Budget will be sent to ratepayers shortly and copies will be available at the Council Administration Building.

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