New Bulk Waste Arrangement - Meet Verge Valet

Verge Valet 

Starting in the New Year, Mosman Park residents will be able to pre-book a verge waste collection at a time that is convenient to you.

Verge Valet is a modern, customer-focussed alternative to traditional council bulk waste collections.

Collections will be able to be pre-booked either online or via the WMRC’s Recycling Hotline, and once your collection time is allocated, bulk and green waste will be collected from your verge within days, keeping streets cleaner and reducing safety hazards and security concerns. More details to be provided in the new year.

The improved collection process also means that more of the waste collected is recycled.

To find out more, visit the Verge Valet homepage here

For more information on Verge Valet, please speak to the Western Metropolitan Regional Council on 9384 6711 or email

Collections will be able to be pre-booked either online or via the WMRC’s Recycling Hotline 9384 6711

Future of the Mosman Park Golf Club

In today’s edition of POST Newspapers, Mayor Brett Pollock has put some context around current discussions about the future of the Mosman Park golf course

On Friday 10 January 2020, Mayor Pollock was quoted in an interview with David Cohen of The Post newspaper, where he forecast the beginning of a discussion about the possible future use of the land now occupied by the Mosman Park Golf Club.

To assist our residents, patrons of the club and other interested parties to understand the issues raised in that article, a list of answers for Frequently Asked Questions is listed below.


What is happening with the Mosman Park Golf Course?

We invite the community to work closely together with us as we begin to consider the vision for the future use of the land occupied by the Mosman Park Golf Course.

No decisions have been made at this time – a decision will only be made once extensive community consultation has been undertaken.

Has a decision already been made?

No.  After a process of community engagement, the options will be put to a decision of Council.  A decision will only be made after the consultation is complete and community needs are known and understood.

Why is the Town of Mosman Park doing this?

The Golf Club lease will expire in June 2022. We want to explore all viable options available so that we can consider a variety of opportunities for the site for best possible use for everyone.

How are you going to do this?

  • In considering these options, we will be seeking community input on how this land should be used. 
  • We will also be mindful of the impact of any decisions on the primary stakeholders specifically the Mosman Park Golf Club and its members and residents in the immediate vicinity.
  • Whichever options are chosen must be environmentally and financially sustainable, ensure responsible water use, respectful of heritage and future-focussed, reflecting community needs as reflected in Council’s strategic objectives and plans.

What is happening now?

The Town will embark on a process to involve the community in deciding how Mosman Park residents and property owners and other interested parties think this land should be used.

What are the possible options?

There is no fixed plan as we want the future of this space to be determined through community engagement and in keeping with local needs and aspirations.

Will other Crown Land, parks, reserves and assets be next?

No.  There are no plans or discussions about the reclassification of the land currently purposed as parks, reserves, or for any other open space areas; nor are there plans to examine the future use of land for the Bowling Club, Tennis Club or any other assets.

How will you keep us informed?

We will conduct an extensive community engagement process with those directly affected by the proposed changes, including the golf club, its membership and adjoining properties, with the broader Mosman Park community and other invested parties.

Those interested in finding out more about this process as it goes along are invited to send an email to for updates as they emerge.

Mosman Park Enlists the Support of Design Review Panel Experts to Guide Town Development


The Town of Mosman Park has appointed a panel of experts to assist with the assessment of complex development applications and planning matters with the aim of improving the Town’s built form into the future.

In September 2019, expressions of interest were sought from experts in the fields of architecture, urban/sustainable design, planning, landscape architecture and heritage conservation to join the Town’s first Design Review Panel.

The Town is delighted to announce Andrew Howe, Tony Blackwell, Marion Fredrickson, Munira Mackay, Rachel Pleasant and Stuart Neal have been appointed.

Chief Executive Officer of the Town of Mosman Park, Carissa Bywater, expressed her appreciation to the Design Review Panel members for their commitment to helping the Town’s Regulatory and Planning Services team by bringing their expertise and specialist knowledge to bear on applications the Town receives.

“It will be extremely valuable for us to be able to draw upon the specialist knowledge of these experts to assess large scale and complex development applications, in a way that is in keeping with the latest thinking and best practice in design, architecture, conservation and heritage,”
Ms Bywater said.

She explained Local Planning Scheme #3 had delivered a plethora of potential opportunities for development in the Town, both in terms of commercial and residential areas, and already exciting proposals were coming on stream.

“We are delighted to be able to draw upon the expertise of the Panel members to ensure the best possible built form outcome for the Town and as we plan for its future, and we look forward to working with them to deliver this,” Ms Bywater said.

The Design Review Panel will be convened on an as-needed basis beginning in 2020.

Heat Warning Issued Statewide

A State hazard plan has been launched to help locals cope with the heatwave sweeping over Perth.

WA’s Department of Health said it had activated the plan based on forecast temperatures for the Perth area.

Chief health officer Dr Andrew Robertson said some people were particularly vulnerable during hot stretches.

“The elderly, babies and those with chronic diseases are more prone to heat stress than most people,” he said.

People who work outside, or are not used to the heat, are often at higher risk of developing heat stroke.

Anyone heading to outdoor events can also be at risk.

Heat stress symptoms may range from mild to severe, and can include rashes, cramps, headaches, nausea and excessive or inadequate sweating. It can also exacerbate existing health conditions.

Anyone who experiences severe symptoms such as a high body temperature, nausea, a rapid heart rate and dry, red, hot skin should seek urgent medical advice.

Australia Day 2020 - Celebrate with us!

Celebrate Australia Day with us!

Residents are once again invited to join us for the annual combined Council’s Australia Day Celebrations for the Town of Mosman Park, Town of Cottesloe & Shire of Peppermint Grove. 

The celebrations commence at 8am on Sunday 26 January 2020 at Cottesloe Civic Centre, Broome Street Cottesloe.  

Join us in applauding our local 2020 Australia Day Citizen of the Year winners as they receive their awards, see our new citizens take their oath and enjoy a free Australia Day sausage sizzle. All welcome!

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