Town of Mosman Park Election Delivers Continuity in Leadership in 2019

On Saturday 19 October 2019, an election was held in the Town of Mosman Park, which has delivered continuity in leadership, with three Councillors re-elected.

Prior to tonight’s result, in the South Ward, Cr Andrew Baird was re-elected to Council for his second term, he stood unopposed as the sole candidate.

At 8pm it was announced that Cr Zenda Johnson and Cr Andrew Maurice will continue to represent the needs of our residents in the North Ward until 2023.

Western Australian Electoral Commission Returning Officer, Amber Cooper, announced that Cr Johnson received 752 votes, Cr Maurice received 633 votes, and the only other candidate was Mr Robert Kinnell who received 353 votes.

Upon hearing the announcement Cr Johnson expressed her relief and thanked everyone who voted for her.  Cr Maurice remarked that it was great to be re-elected for another four years to represent the North Ward, explaining that he and his fellow Councillors had done a lot to make Mosman Park a better place, and there are plans to do a lot more in the coming years.

The Town would also like to thank all who stood for office, and everyone who voted.

A decision will be made about the appointment of the Deputy Mayor position, and members of Council committees at a Special Council Meeting that will be held in the Council Chambers from 6pm on Monday 21 October 2019 – all are welcome to attend.

 Cr Andrew Baird     Cr Zenda Johnson    Cr Andrew Maurice

Urgent Message for Dog Owners re: Registration Notices Error

Dog owners with pets registered in Mosman Park, please note:

Due to a system issue, you may have received a dog registration renewal letter for your dog which was not required.

If your dog’s registration is not due to expire on 31/10/2019, or your dog registration has been transferred or cancelled, please disregard the letter and accept our sincerest apologies.

If you are unsure, please contact the Town and we will be happy to clarify the status of your pet’s registration. We apologise for any confusion or distress caused, and are looking into the system issue to ensure a smoother process in the future.

To contact us, call 9383 6600 or send an email to

Brunch with the Birds!

RSVP by sending an email to by Friday 22 November 2019.

Sports and Recreation Precinct - Update

Project Update and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the continued growth in enrolments at the Mosman Park Primary Schools and Kindy, as well as the continued increase in use of, and demand for access to, the playing fields at Mann Oval, Davis Oval and Nash Field and Alf Adams Pavilion, the Town began a process of planning and consultation about the future use of the Sports and Recreation Precinct so as to accommodate community needs.

In 2018, the Town engaged the services of architects to develop a draft plan for the Precinct, and commenced a process of community consultation, and we thank all of the stakeholders who took part in that process for their input.  During the consultation, the Town heard loud and clear concerns expressed about the size and shape of any building/s; the importance of vegetation and greenery including the retention of mature trees; issues about the location of, and access, to the site; the usage by all patrons – local or otherwise - and funding, to name a few.  The purpose of this info sheet is to answer some Frequently Asked Questions and provide an update on the status of this project.

1. What is happening to the Sports and Recreation Precinct plan that was consulted on?

The original concept itself was a starting point and it created a conversation about what was important to the community. Based on this, the original concept will be revisited and other options considered for the area.

2. How will any works be funded?

In order to progress this project, the Town will work with stakeholders such as the Department of Education and Department of Local Government, Sports and Cultural Industries as well as nearby schools and clubs to ensure facilities in the area are fit for purpose and affordable to the community over the long term.  Any major upgrade to facilities at the Precinct will be dependent on external funding support.

3. What are you considering now in relation to buildings?

Nash Field Pavilion is nearing the end of its useful life, and Council will be required to make a decision in the near future about how to best progress this issue.

It was clear from the feedback that the concept in terms of its size, scale, and location of the building was not acceptable to the community. Any new pavilion needs to be smaller, and located in a position that does not split Mann and Davis Ovals. We also heard that the community valued the existing Alf Adams Pavilion and kindy buildings and any future proposal by the Town should seek to minimise the impact on these.

4. What about the vegetation and green spaces?

Among the things most valued by the community of Mosman Park are its trees and the green areas. Any future proposal needs to ensure that green areas within the Town’s reserves are retained and preserved.  When considering future options, the Town will seek to minimise any damage to existing vegetation.

5. Who will be the beneficiaries of any future plans?

The Town’s Sport and Recreation Plan identified the strong demand for sporting facilities, and the benefits from consolidating these facilities while balancing this access with maximising the use of our green spaces and providing access for all. The Town’s priority continues to be the provision of facilities to accommodate grassroots and junior sports, balanced with availability for the general community to access and use green space.

6. If the usage of the area increases, what about traffic?

We have heard that the primary access off Hope Street for any future development was not supported. Any primary access to facilities will continue to be from Victoria/Solomon Street.

 7. What will the future plan be?

We have met with the Department of Education to assess their interest in participating in a renewal of the Nash Field Pavilion. Should any options become feasible and worthy of consideration, further consultation will occur with local residents, ratepayers and current users, however, given the complexity of this issue, this is unlikely to occur until at least 2020.

Looking for further information?
To stay in touch with developments in this Precinct and other news about the Town of Mosman Park, subscribe to our e-news by clicking on this link.  If you have specific questions, please send an email to

Power Outage - Town of Mosman Park Administration and Depot 11.10.2019

The Town of Mosman Park's Administration Office in Memorial Park, and our Depot in Fairbairn Street, are both without power today, Friday 11 October 2019.  Western Power advises that this outage also affects residents near to Memorial Park with up to 55 residences affected.

We expect that power will not be restored until 4pm. Without power we are unable to provide any of our normal services (including telephone services) and we apologise for any inconvenience caused to our residents and clients.

If power is restored prior to 4pm, this message on our website will be updated.

If you experience an emergency situation, please call 000.  If your enquiry is routine, and can be attended to next week, please get in touch with us on Monday during business hours of 8.30am - 4.30pm, or alternatively, send an email to and we will attend to your query once we are back online.

Again, our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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