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What's In a Name?

What’s In a Name? Mosman Park Reveals Stories Behind Its Historic Place Names

Have you ever visited such places as E. G. Smith Field, or Tom Perrott Reserve and pondered aloud – who were E. G Smith and Tom Perrott, and why are these public spaces named after them?

The Town of Mosman Park has recently revealed these mysteries and many more by launching its “What’s In a Name” series of place signage.

The project came about following the very popular heritage-themed Community Calendar in 2014 and Heritage Trail that created within the community an interest in learning more about the history of our Town.  To harness this enthusiasm, Council made funding available to develop a suite of interpretive signs that explain whom our various parks, reserves, precincts, facilities, buildings and key streets were named after, and revealing the faces and stories behind those names.

The objective of the project was to develop a sense of awareness in the community about the evolution of Mosman Park and to draw attention to the community service given by key leaders in the Town’s past, which was in turn recognised by naming these places in their honour.

We encourage visitors to meander through our Town and take the time to stop and read about the key figures of our past, to reflect upon their contribution, and in so doing, enhance knowledge of our local history and feel an increased sense of connectedness to these people and places.

The nine signs reveal details about these special places:
Mann Oval (inc Alf Adams Pavilion)
Three Boys Park
Margaret Baldwin Centre
Harley Terrace (referencing the Harley Scramble)
Stringfellow Park
Tom Perrott Reserve (including David Jones Pavilion)
E.G. Smith Field
The Coombe Reserve (including references to The Chine / Chine Place)
Green Place Reserve

For more information about the history of Mosman Park, click here and for information about the Heritage Trail, click here


National Relay Service

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