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Enquiries and Assistance

A reminder to all residents, groups and organisations in the Town, that the Community Development Officer is available to help you submit an application to funding bodies should you require. Call ahead to make an appointment to discuss you project today!

Enquiries relating to any of the funding options provided from the Town should be forwarded to Haylie Clark, Community Development Officer at the Town of Mosman Park.

Telephone: 9384 1633

Tips to winning a grant
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Community Chest

The aim of the Community Chest is to increase the capacity of local groups to deliver programs, services and events to the Mosman Park community in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. The Town of Mosman Park has made available $10,000 towards the funding program, with a maximum of $2,000 per application accepted.

What you need to know:
Community Chest grants can be used:
• To purchase small items of equipment to enable the group to function more efficiently and effectively;
• To cover the cost of promotional materials such as brochures or signage which encourage membership; or
• To cover the cost of in-house training or attendance at training courses by club volunteers to develop skills required to complete their volunteer duties.

Funding will not be made available to:
• Individuals;
• Fundraising activities;
• Government agencies, political groups, media and non-community based groups; and
• Groups who have an overdue acquittal from previous funding rounds.

Who can apply Not for profit community groups
Eligibility Applicants must:
Either be based in Mosman Park or have a majority of members who reside in Mosman Park<
Provide a direct service to Mosman Park community
Funding Up to $2,000
Closing date Applications for 2017-18 close Thursday 12 October 2017.


Application Form - Printable pdf version
Acquittal Report Template (for successful projects)
Town Logo (for successful applicants to acknowledge contribution)


Youth Encouragement Grants

The Youth Encouragement Grants are an exciting youth initiative offered by the Mosman Park Youth Advisory Council (MPYAC) and are designed to assist young people to achieve their goals and participate in the community.

Not only for high achievers, these grants are aimed at assisting young people to reach the goals they have set for themselves and the money can be put towards a variety of areas including tuition, coaching and purchasing specialised equipment.

There are four $1,000 grants available and applications can be made in any of the following categories:

• Academic Study
• Sport and Recreation
• Music and the Arts
• Community Service
• Leadership

Who can apply Applicants between the ages of 12 and 24 inclusive who live or study in Mosman Park or actively participate in the Mosman Park community.
Eligibility  Successful applicants to become members of the Town’s Youth Advisory Council.
Funding  $1,000 paid in two installments over two years
Closing date  Applications for 2018 are now open and close Friday 10 August 2018.
Documents  Guidelines and Application Form download here

Western Suburbs Kidsport

KidSport will make it possible for Western Australian children to participate in community sport and recreation, regardless of their financial circumstances. The program provides eligible families up to $200 annually for each of their children aged 5-18 years, to subsidise fees to join a sport and recreation club. The fees will go directly to the registered KidSport clubs through their participating local government.

The Town’s of Mosman Park, Claremont, Cottesloe and the Shire of Peppermint Grove have formed a partnership with the Department of Sport and Recreation to implement the Western Suburbs KidSport program.

To apply, complete the first half of the application form and return it to the Town of Mosman Park. Application forms can also be obtained from the Town’s Administration Centre and from participating sport and recreation clubs.

Sport and recreation clubs within the ‘Western Suburbs’ Local Government areas will need to register to become an official KidSport club in order for children to claim KidSport funding for their fees through Clubs Online. To register or sign up to Clubs Online, go to:

Further information about KidSport can also be found on the Department of Sport and Recreation website

Who can apply   Children and Clubs residing in Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove, Cottesloe or Claremont.
Eligibility  Children must:

 Be aged 5-18 years.
 Have a Health Care Card or Pension Concession Card or be referred by a recognised referral agent such as a  school, juvenile justice team, government agency or health practitioner.
 Reside in the Town of Mosman Park, Town of Claremont, Town of Cottesloe or Shire of Peppermint Grove.

 Clubs must:
 Register for KidSport through Clubs Online.
 Be a not-for-profit sport or recreation club, or a business/privately owned club whose members are affiliated with a recognised State Sporting Association or have affiliation through a State organisation.
Funding  Up to $200 available per child each calendar year.
Closing date   Vouchers must be presented to the Town of Mosman Park for validating prior to registering with your Club.
Documents  KidSport Factsheet
 Application for KidSport
 KidSport Process Flowchart


Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF)

The Department of Sport and Recreation's Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund (CSRFF) aims to increase participation in sport and recreation with an emphasis on physical activity, through rational development of good quality, well-designed and well-utilised facilities.

Types of projects include:
• Upgrades and additions to facilities which will lead to an increase in physical activity or more rational use of the facility.
• Construction of new facilities to meet sport and active recreation needs.
• Construction or upgrade of shade shelters.
• Safety fences for sport and recreation facilities.
• Planning studies (maximum grant amount of $25,000).
• Court or bowling green construction.
• Reticulation system for a grassed playing field.
• Floodlighting projects.
• New or replacement synthetic surfaces.

Applicants must discuss their intentions with the Town’s Executive Manager Corporate Services prior to a submission being made. To avoid disappointment it is highly recommended that groups plan well in advance for any facility developments. Groups should advise Council in writing two to three years prior to their official application so that the allocation of funds can be planned (especially for Annual and Forward Planning grants).

Small grants offer payment of funds up-front upon signing the grant agreement. Annual and Forward Planning grants operate on a reimbursement system. Once a project is 50% complete and paid for, grantees can make a claim for 75% of the grant amount. The final 25% is available upon completion and once all invoices relating to the project have been paid. Applicants need to be sure they are able to carry the full cost of the project for the period between project completion and CSRFF grant payment.

Requests for financial support towards CSRFF applications are required to be submitted to the Town prior to 31 March each year. Please discuss this with the Town’s Community Development Officer, Haylie Clark, should you have difficulty meeting this requirement.

Small grants
There are two Small grant rounds each year, one closing in February and one closing in July. The next round of Small grant funding is for projects starting in the 2017-2018 financial year. Submissions for funding close on Friday 17 February 2017. Applications supported by the Town will be submitted to DSR by last working day in March. Applicants are notified if their funding application was successful in June 2017.

Annual and Forward Planning grants
The next round of Annual and Forward Planning grants are for projects starting in the 2018-2019 financial year. Forms will be made available in June 2017, with applications closing on Monday 31 July 2017. Applications supported by the Town will be submitted to DSR by 16 September. Applicants are notified if their funding application was successful in February 2018.

It is highly recommended groups considering funding read through the guidelines (available below). Further information can also be obtained from the Department of Sport and Recreation's website 

Who can apply  Incorporated community groups.
Eligibility  The land in which the facility is to be developed must be on one of the following:
 Crown reserve
 Land owned by a public authority
 Municipal property
Funding  $2,500 - $66,666 available for Small grants
 $66,667 - $166,666 available for Annual grants
 $166,667 - $2,000,000 available for Forward Planning grants
Closing date  Small grants:
 Final submissions to the Town to be made prior to 17 February 2017.
 Applications supported by the Town to be submitted to DSR by last working day in August.

 Annual and Forward Planning grants:
 Submissions requiring Council contribution to be made to the Town prior to 31 March each year, with Final  submissions to the Town to be made by 31 July 2017.
 Applications supported by the Town to be submitted to DSR by 16 September.

Documents  Guidelines
 Application form for Small grants
 Application form for Annual and Forward Planning grants (available June 2017)

Donation Requests

Donations from Council reflect the Town of Mosman Park’s commitment to improving and developing the local community. The Town of Mosman Park currently accepts donation requests of two varieties:

For Immediate Consideration - Donation requests to be considered at the next appropriate Ordinary Council meeting following receipt by the Town. These requests will be taken out of the current financial year’s budget if approved.

For Budgetary Consideration - Donation requests to be considered in the formulation of the Annual Budget for the next financial year.

Who can apply  Charitable groups and/or community based not-for-profit organisations providing a direct service to residents of the Town of Mosman Park.
Eligibility  Projects must:

 Benefit the Mosman Park community; and
 Must not be eligible under the Community Chest funding program.

Closing date  Requests for Immediate Consideration can be made at any time.
 Requests for Budgetary Consideration must be received before 15 April each year.
Documents  Guidelines and Application Form


Other Funding Links

Grants Directory:

The Department for Local Government and Regional Development has produced a grants directory, compiling a range of grants and other assistance programs available to communities in regional and metropolitan Western Australia. To view the directory visit:

Concessions WA:

The Department of Communities has launched a new website - ConcessionsWA (http:// It is an easy-to-use online resource where you can search by category, concession card type or people group to find details on more than a 100 rebates, concessions and subsidy schemes provided by the Government of Western Australia.

General Funding Grants: - Lotterywest - Healthway – Communty Resources Online – Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs – Excellent resource for Community Group Co-ordinators with information about grants as well as running, managing and marketing for your organisation! - Government grants and assistance for individuals, businesses and communities

Sporting Grants: – Department of Sport and Recreation – Premier’s Physical Activity Taskforce – Australian Sports Commission – Australian Sports Foundation

Arts Grants: - Department of Culture and the Arts – Australia Council for the Arts – PROPELarts Youth Arts WA

Youth Grants: – Foundation for Young Australians – PROPELarts Youth Arts WA

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