Russell Brown Adventure Park


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The Russell Brown Adventure Park nestled within the shade trees at Minim Cove in Mosman Park is a nature play space like no other. What was once unutilised land is now a thriving 2,400 square metre nature adventure park with water play, tree rope swings, cubby house making, log balance, sound sensory play and so much more.

The Russell Brown Adventure Park (named after a long-serving community volunteer) came to life through the hard work of a steering committee, comprising the Rotary Club of Mosman Park, the Mosman Park Community Men’s Shed, St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls, along with the Town of Mosman Park and through the donation of time and materials from dozens of local volunteers and organisations.

The Park was officially opened and launched by The Hon Colin Barnett MLA, Member for Cottesloe; Premier of Western Australia; Minister for Tourism and Science on 27 March 2015; and since then has been extremely well patronised by local people and visitors alike.  

This unique project was created by a unique community collaboration of the Rotary Club of Mosman Park, Mosman Park Community Men's Shed, and the Town of Mosman Park. Commercially valued at $480,000 to build - the actual cost was just $60,000. This large project took only 18 months from project inception to completion largely due to significant co-operation and collaboration with the community partners. 
Being met with limited funds, Rotary challenged the usual way private business supports not-for-profits initiatives. A key factor in this was dedicating a large amount of time to establishing genuine relationships beyond the need for cash donations. The Town also had the rare advantage of a local community leader who was a member of the three partners (Councillor, Rotarian and Chairman of the Men’s Shed) and able to coordinate the project. 
The development of the Park showcases the significant results achieved when groups work together to a common goal and how the natural environment can be further utilised to the enjoyment of a significant cross section of the community. The Park now provides for residents, families, schools, educational groups, sporting groups and environmental organisations an outlet close to home whereby they can observe local flora and fauna and enhance their wellbeing.

In developing ideas during the design stages of the park, the project partners, working group and stakeholders jointly participated on a ‘study tour’, which organised visits to other nature playgrounds in the Perth area, plus engaging directly with the community about what their ideal park would look like.

Partners worked closely with the landscape architect to ensure that the Park was in keeping with very latest thinking in open space and unstructured play for children in order to maximise their creativity and resilience to develop both physical and social skills in a fun, outdoor environment. The park also ensured minimal impact on the natural environment, was designed incorporating existing trees and natural landforms, and used repurposed and recycled materials throughout.

The park is also a significant achievement in terms of financial limitations and the ability to source cash and in-kind contributions in the form of discounts, loaned equipment, labour, and donated and repurposed materials to develop a site so large in size.

Not only is there now a newly created park for children, but: an accessible and friendly space for people of all ages, abilities and interests; a venue frequently visited by five local Schools and forming part of their curriculum; a showcase of State Government programmes and other environmental initiatives. It also showcases the true value of relationships between community organisations, local government and private enterprises, and the spirit driving a sustainable outcome for our future generations.


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