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Community Safety

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Hospital Emergency Departments
Emergency Contact Numbers
Safety & Security Community Advisory Group
Home Security Rebate Scheme
Graffiti Wipes
Speed Trailer
Thefts from Vehicles
Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan
Get Out and About
Engrave your Valuables
Community Safety Folder
Neighbourhood Watch

Hospital Emergency Departments

Please note that with the closure of the emergency department at Fremantle Hospital in February 2015, the closest emergency department to the Town of Mosman Park is at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, located at Hospital Avenue, Nedlands. Other nearby options include:

Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Only 000
Police Attendance   131 444
Cottesloe Police Station  9286 7777
Crime Stoppers    1800 333 000
SES Hotline      132 500
Neighbourhood Watch State Office 9356 0558
ATCO Gas (Emergency)   131 352
Western Power (Emergency) 131 351
Water Corporation (Emergency)  131 375

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Safety & Security Community Advisory Group

The Town of Mosman Park invites nominations from local residents and business owners to serve a two year term on the Mosman Park Safety & Security Community Advisory Group.  Objectives of this group are –

  • To raise safety and security concerns and opportunities relevant to the Mosman Park community.
  • To broadly represent community views on safety and security matters brought before the group by Council or Town Officers;
  • To assist in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of community safety programs and initiatives in line with the Town of Mosman Park Community Safety & Crime Prevention Plan.

Further information and the Expression of Interest form can be downloaded or contact the Town's Community Development Team on 9383 6600 or email

Expressions of interest close Friday 17 January 2020.

Home Security Rebate Scheme

The Town of Mosman Park has introduced a new community safety initiative: the Home Security Rebate Scheme. The new program supports residents in taking a proactive role in deterring home burglaries within the Town by offering a rebate to subsidise the cost of installing home security devices such as intruder alarms, CCTV cameras, security screens for windows and doors, sensor lights, keyed window locks and door deadlocks.

Rebates of up to $200 per application (or $250 for Pension or Health Care Card Holders) will be provided for new installations of the above devices when purchased and fitted by a licenced security agent (or electrician for sensor lights). Rebates may also be available for work completed up to six months prior to application.

More information and copies of the application form are available to download here, from the Council administration building, or by contacting the Town's Community Development Team on 9383 6600 or email

Graffiti Wipes

As part of the Town's Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan, the Town of Mosman Park is offering residents free Graffiti Wipes.

Graffiti Wipes are available FREE OF CHARGE from the Town of Mosman Park's Administration Centre, The Grove Library and the Mosman Park Community Men's Shed. Graffiti Wipes are environmentally friendly, non-flammable, biodegradable, water soluble, non-toxic and safe to use on most surfaces.

Users are responsible for the safe use of this product in accordance with the product information and safety directions on the packet.

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Speed Trailer

You may have seen the Speed Display Trailer gracing the roadsides of Mosman Park and Peppermint Grove streets.

Council hopes that the trailer will raise driver awareness of their travel speeds causing them to slow down. Reducing travel speeds is a priority listed in our Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan.

The Town of Mosman Park will be working closely with the Cottesloe Police to make our roads safer.

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Thefts from Vehicles

Thefts from vehicles are still a problem, especially in the warmer months. You can help reduce the chances of a break in simply by making sure any valuables are out of sight. CDs, purses, wallets and mobile phones are all targets and if possible you take your valuables with you.

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Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan for the Town of Mosman Park

Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2019-2022

Creating and supporting an environment and community where its residents feel safe and secure is a priority for the Town of Mosman Park. Community safety is about more than just the level of crime that exists in a community but also about the community’s perceived level of safety. There are many factors that influence how safe people feel in a community. Improving community safety requires all sections of the community to work together and build partnerships to create a safer environment for people to work, live and play in.

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan 2015-2018 builds on the Town’s existing community safety activities and the Town’s previous Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plans. The Plan contains three broad strategies developed to address community concerns. Each strategy area includes detailed actions in order to achieve the objectives of the plan.

The three Strategy Areas are:
Strategy 1 – Community Awareness
Strategy 2 – Partnerships with Key Stakeholders
Strategy 3 – Safe Physical Environment

This plan was developed in consultation with stakeholders, local residents, schools, community groups and businesses to obtain the communities’ feedback about community safety and crime prevention in the Town of Mosman Park. A review of crime statistics was also undertaken to examine crime trends and factors affecting crime rates in the community.

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Get Out and About!

Little did you know, but undertaking 30 minutes of exercise a day actually assists in keeping your community safer! The more  you get out  and about, riding, walking, kicking the footy or running, you are actively being seen in and around your community which makes people feel safer and makes the law breakers less likely do just that, just in case somebody sees them!

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Engrave Your Valuables!!

As part of our ongoing commitment to safety within our community, the Town of Mosman Park has a number of engravers available for Mosman Park residents to use, at no cost.

To borrow an engraver, an adult with a current drivers licence will need to register their details at Council’s administration office, at which time they will be provided with an engraver. Engravers will be loaned for up to one week.

Australian Police forces recommend that owner’s valuables be engraved with their Drivers License number prefixed by the first letter of their state of residence. This will enable faster identification of stolen goods.

The engravers are an initiative of the WA Police Service’ Neighbourhood Watch program, which is sponsored by RAC and Channel 10. The Town of Mosman Park proudly supports the program.

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RoadWise is the Local Government and Community Road Safety Program in Western Australia and has been in operation since 1994.  RoadWise aims to contribute to the long term vision of the Road Safety Council in eliminating road crashes as a major cause of premature death and injury, by increasing community support, partnerships and participation in the implementation of the State Road Safety Strategy, Arriving Safely.

The Program consists of a community road safety network, supported by regional officers who work with Councils and RoadWise Committees and the Community Road Safety Grants Program.

Three levels of coordination (State, Regional and Local) make up the Operational Framework of the RoadWise Program. This Operational Framework also shows funding, reporting and advisory links.

The RoadWise Program is funded through the Road Trauma Trust Fund and the National Safety Council of WA Trust.

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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is facilitated by the WA Police and is aimed at making individuals aware of crime prevention initiatives and activities in and around the home, within rural communities, by the ocean and in schools.

It is about working together as a community to improve our personal safety and household security. Most importantly, it is about encouraging interaction and a sense of responsibility between neighbours and communities.

Neighbourhood Watch is about you, your local neighbourhood, the wider community and the WA Police working together to establish and maintain a safer community by:

  • reducing violence, crime and fear;
  • building a safer community;
  • preventing crime that affects you;
  • enhancing effective communication; and
  • developing community spirit.

For more information visit Neighbourhood Watch WAonline: or call 9356 0558.

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National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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Solar Power at the Administration

The Town of Mosman Park has installed solar panels (photo voltaic cells) on the roof of the Administration building. We’re producing power and reducing carbon emissions.

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