Awards and Initiatives

The Council realises the importance of 'community' in Mosman Park and through various awards and initiatives, outstanding contributors are recognised for their role in our Town.

The Council also recognises the arts as an important element of our community and acknowledges creativity with awards in various areas of artistic expression.

The Council recognises individuals and groups through our award programs.


Literature Prize

The literature award is designed to build upon our Town's unique sense of place, capturing the essence of a subject, person or historical event that is part of the diverse fabric of community life as experienced in Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park.

Entry forms and information regarding the 2009 Literature Prize will be available in early 2009.  If you would like to be mailed an entry form when they become available, please contact the Cottesloe-Peppermint Grove-Mosman Park Library on 9385 3233 or email:

2008 Literature Prize Winners

The presentation of awards for the combined councils’ 2008 Literature Prize was held at the Cottesloe-Peppermint Grove-Mosman Park Library on Wednesday 30 July 2008.

134 poems and stories were received from community members, all of which were inspired by the theme: ‘Now and Then - the life, the land, the people of Cottesloe, Peppermint Grove, and Mosman Park’.  Over 70 people the presentation ceremony to congratulate the prize winners.  The guest list included elected members and executive staff of the three Councils, prize winners and their guests, the judges, principals and teachers of local schools, and staff members from the National Trust (WA).  Author and historian Dr Neville Green was the guest speaker and Tom Perrigo, CEO of the National Trust (WA) presented the Local History Awards.  PLC Year 7 String Quartet ‘Quattro’ provided the entertainment for the evening.

The winning entries may be viewed by following the links below. They are also on display at the Cottesloe-Peppermint Grove-Mosman Park Library and on the library website.


YEARS 1-7 CATEGORY - Poetry and Prose

Winner of the Poetry section:
EVA MARSH from Presbyterian Ladies College - The Old Fig
Judge's comment: “The poem works so well at the two levels – the writer’s love of her dear grandad and her delight of the Morton Bay Fig.”

Winner of the Prose section:
KATERINA CHUA from Methodist Ladies College - Now and Then
Judge's comment: “This clever young author has carefully researched the early history of the area and created a realistic and enjoyable narrative. The story is written from the perspective of a young girl but the author has the maturity to give the reader an insight into the complex relationships of this time and place.”

OLIVIA GOONATILLAKE from Methodist Ladies College - My Home
ALANNA CURTIS from Presbyterian Ladies College - A Year in a Day by the River
MAC ROBINSON from Nedlands Primary - Cottesloe Beach
ZOE MINEAR from Methodist Ladies College - Racing

Judges for the Years 1 - 7 Category were Joy Lefroy and Lindy Brophy.

YEARS 8-12 CATEGORY - Poetry and Prose

Joint Winner of Poetry Section:
HANNAH MURRAY from Presbyterian Ladies College - Ode to the Dogs of Davis Oval
Judge's comment: “This poem is about the simple and ordinary things in life that uplift our spirits. Repetition is used effectively and the author gives us a real sense of being there and the joy of the experience.”

Joint winner of Poetry Section:
SARAH COLE from Presbyterian Ladies College - Swan River at 5am
Judge's comment: “The poem gives us an experience that contrasts the physical exertion of the rowing with the beauty and joy of the early morning on the Swan River."

Winner of the Prose Section:
JASMIN SEKHON from Shenton College - An Everlasting Breeze
Judge's comment: “Based on interviews, the author has created a clever combination of two narratives presenting the ‘now and then’ of a street in Cottesloe. The two strands come together to give a sense of hope for community life in the area. This story was beautifully presented with small images embedded in the text.”

AMY COX from Methodist Ladies College - The Needle 

Judges for the Years 8 - 12 Category were Joy Lefroy and Lindy Brophy.

OPEN CATEGORIES – Poetry and Prose

Winner of the Poetry Section:
SUE CLENNELL - The Mermaids of Cottesloe
Judge's comment: “It was difficult to separate the final three entries but the winning poem was a lyrical evocation of Cottesloe. Some other well written poems lacked the clear connection with the local area. Though mythical the poem used imagery that resonated with the sights and smells of the beachfront. An imaginative and skilful poem.”

Winner of the Prose Section:
KEVIN CASEY - Fr. John Fahey D.S.O.
Judge's comment: “Simply and clearly written this entry allows the calibre – the commitment, courage, humanity, humour and intellect – of Fr Fahey to shine through. Coming to WA from Ireland, newly ordained, at the age of just 24, Fr Fahey’s longest association was with the parish of Cottesloe. The main period of his ministry was for the 20 years from 1939 until his death. This entry reclaims a person who gave so much to his WA parishioners, as these include the regions of Yarloop, Kalgoorlie and Cottesloe. Whilst memories of Fr Fahey are probably treasured by his parishioners, his service in World War One and his work at the University of WA and the RSL means Fr Fahey’s legacy is much wider than any one parish."

MAVIS EVANS - Cottesloe Dreaming

KEN MOORE - A Better Place to Live In 

Judges for the Open Categories were Roland Leach (poetry) and Mary-Anne Paton (prose).


Winner of the Local History Award:
ROSALIND PATERSON - The Little Calico House
Judge's comment: “Set at the site of the original Chine, this essay is both historically interesting and locally and socially revealing. Based on events and descriptions recorded about the Princep family’s early idyllic river retreat, the writer introduces the now developed tract of land at a time when a reclusive Englishman from South Africa inhabited the former rock formed ‘pantry’ during the 1920s and ‘managed lodgers in the cottages’ along the water’s edge . The ‘pantry’ and ‘The Little Calico House’ were earlier features of the happy-go-lucky lifestyle enjoyed for a long period of time by the Princep family, who purchased three-and-a-half acres overlooking Quarryman’s Bay and the Swan River in 1880. The story-line, gives an insight into the lives of family members and international personalities as well as numerous West Australian visitors, most of whom had strong links to the State’s foundation years. In continuous holiday mode these visitors shared the relaxed, secluded setting of the Chine during the 1890s and early 1900s; sailing, cruising, crabbing, dining, sketching, painting and indulging in literature and poetry - all of which presents to the reader with an invaluable insight into the simple pleasures enjoyed by a group of early pioneers who chose to camp on what is today an expensive piece of real estate."

DAVID BIRKBECK - Balfour Street: A Tale of Three Cameras 

Judge for the Local History Award was Ruth Marchant James.

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