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The Council realises the importance of 'community' in Mosman Park and through various awards and initiatives, outstanding contributors are recognised for their role in our Town.

The Council also recognises the arts as an important element of our community and acknowledges creativity with awards in various areas of artistic expression.

The Council recognises individuals and groups through our award programs.


2014 Photography Awards and Junior Art Awards

31st May 2014

Awards Find Glimpses of Paradise ‘Between River and Sea’

The artistic flair and shutterbug skills of Mosman Park residents of all ages were awarded recently in a community celebration held at Memorial Hall.

The 2014 Town of Mosman Park Photographic and Junior Art Awards received a number of excellent entries with competition for winners at an all-time high.

This year's Open Photographic Award and $1500 prize was won by James Campbell with ‘Bound’. This year’s judge and award winning photographer Dale Neill described the work as ‘a beautifully executed urban landscape.’

Mr Neill said: “The photographer has chosen the right time of day and the right location to record this image. It is extremely sharp, well exposed with subtle pastel colours. This narrative panorama is further strengthened by incorporating both the Swan River and Indian Ocean.”

Mr Campbell’s work fit beautifully within the theme of this year’s awards – “Between River and Sea.”

Lydia Attwooll took out this year’s Youth Encouragement (Photographic) Award and $250 prize with ‘A Dog’s Life’. The picture captured Mosman-Leighton Dog Beach on a Sunday at Midday, with dog owners and families walking, relaxing and swimming on this friendly beach. The picture captures the exuberance of a local dog and the carefree attitude of life on a local beach.

Winners for the 2014 Junior Art Awards
4 Years and Under

First Place – Rafferty Scott ‘Fishing in the River’
Second Place – Elizabeth Williams ‘The Playground’
Highly Commended – Charlie Williams ‘Chickens at Kindy’
Highly Commended – Grace Montgomerie ‘The Chickens at Kindy’

7 Years and Under

First Place – Billy Mahaffy ‘In the River’
Second Place – Toby Albrecht ‘Me Fishing’
Highly Commended – Lykke Honnens ‘Family at the Park’
Highly Commended – Kiran Duong ‘Standing at the River’

10 Years and Under

First Place – Lillia Tomie Kono ‘What my Daddy told me’
Second Place – Saskia Fleming ‘On the River’
Highly Commended – Adib Ahmed ‘Enjoy Soccer’
Highly Commended – Emma Lamond ‘Adventure on the river’

13 Years and Under

First Place – Anthony Wilkinson ‘Mosman Park Monument Hill Memorial’
Second Place – Ruby Matella ‘Suburban Sushi’
Highly Commended – Sarah Bastow ‘Untitled’
Highly Commended – Eloise Mickel ‘Road Crossing’

Mayor of Mosman Park, Ron Norris said it was wonderful to see so much support and participation from both residents and visitors; who have been inspired in a myriad of ways by Mosman Park’s landscape, monuments, lifestyles and personalities.

The winning photograph will be acquired by the Town and added to its Art Collection – a group of works that provides an important visual record of the history and character of the Mosman Park area. 

The collection can be viewed on the walls at the Town’s Administration Centre.

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