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2012 'Local Legends' Volunteer Awards

16th November 2012

2012 ‘Local Legends’ Volunteer Awards

On Friday 26 October 2012, the Town of Mosman Park held its annual ‘Local Legends’ Volunteers Function to recognise the valuable work of volunteers in the Mosman Park community.  Approximately 120 guests including volunteers from local schools, sporting clubs, churches, senior services, arts and cultural groups and disability services attended the function, held at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls’ new Performing Arts Centre. 

His Worship the Mayor Ron Norris introduced the formal proceedings, sincerely thanking volunteers and acknowledging their critical importance to the community.  Recipients of the 2011 Youth Encouragement Grants then inspired the crowd with presentations that summarized the diverse things they had been doing with their grant funding in the past year.  From volunteering in Africa to intensely training to beat a personal best in the javelin throw, Jessica Murray, Guy Coleman, Georgie Carey and Jasmine Jansen showed function attendees that the young people of Mosman Park are accomplishing great things.

Councillor Ian Flack then announced the 2012 Youth Encouragement Grant recipients and the winners of the Volunteer Awards.  Please refer to the attached document for a full list of Volunteer Award winners.

The winners of the 2012 Volunteer Awards were presented with a certificate signed by the Mayor, a personalised gift from the Town of Mosman Park and a gift certificate to a local business. They also had their names embossed onto the official Volunteer Awards Honour Board, which Mayor Ron Norris unveiled at the end of the official presentations. 

The Town of Mosman Park would like to congratulate all nominees and award winners and thank those who filled out a nomination form.  Community members are encouraged to contact the Town’s Administration at any time throughout the year to advise of any groups or individuals who deserve recognition for their contribution to the community.

2012 Volunteer Award Winners

Good Neighbour Award:  George Williams

George has been putting out the bin at Mann Oval every Monday for many years so that the rubbish truck can access it and empty it.  He also teaches and plays footy with local kids and refurbishes old bikes and wooden toys for refugee children and kids who have had their bikes stolen.  According to his nominator, George makes the street they live on come alive with his wonderful community spirit.  They feel like they live in a wonderful, warm and friendly community, largely thanks to him. 

Environmental Action Award:  Ruth Lilly

Ruth is a consistent volunteer at the Friends of Mosman Park Bushland busy bees and community planting days.  There, she plants, weeds, waters, mulches, and prunes native vegetation, in addition to collecting and sorting seeds.  She also volunteers her time to increase community environmental awareness at a number of different events.  As stated by her nominator, Ruth relentlessly pursues the removal of invasive weed species that harm our natural environment, including weeds whose bulbs need to be dug out of the ground by hand.   During the seed collecting and sorting time of year, Ruth often goes home with bags of seed pods that need to be tediously sorted.  She also takes on the coordinator role for the Friends of Mosman Park Bushland when the group's regular leader is away.

Caring Kids Award (Under 13):  Katie Whitaker

Katie is 12 years old and one of the youngest members of the Friends of Mosman Park Bushland.  With her mother and younger sister by her side, she plants, directs seeds and weeds at busy bees and community planting days.  According to her nominator, she is very interested in what the group does and is the most committed individual of the younger bushland volunteers.

Young Legend Award (Under 25):  Alice Watt and Cameron Watt

Alice has been volunteering with the Friends of the Mosman Park Bushland since the group was formed in 2008.  Initially, she accompanied her mother weeding but now removes plastic sleeves and stakes from the area across the road from where she lives on her own.   She also attends larger group events and Sunday busy bees.  According to her nominator, "Alice is keen to make a difference in Mosman Park bushland and shows great initiative for her age."

Her brother, Cameron, has been volunteering with the Friends of the Mosman Park Bushland for the past year.  Like Alice, Cameron removes plastic sleeves and stakes from the area across the road from where he lives.  He also helped out in the promotion of the Friends of Mosman Park Bushland at the EcoFair at St Luke's Anglican Church by cooking on the barbeque and serving attendees throughout the day. 

Good Sports Award:  Merv Legg

Merv is one of the backbones of the Mosman Park Tennis Club.  He consistently sweeps the courts, performs maintenance jobs, keeps the championship boards up to date, and deals with the odd jobs that seem to pop up in every sporting club.  Merv also recently dedicated over 140 hours to building the Tennis Club’s new fence.

According to his nominator, Merv performs all of the previously mentioned duties and many more without members of the Club even realising it.  Nothing is too much trouble for him and he always has a smile on his face while he is helping out.  Merv is also quick to thank and acknowledge all of the things others do for the Club. 

The Local Business Community Service Award:  Mosman Park Post Office

The Mosman Park Post Office is situated in the Mosman Park Shopping Centre on Monument Street.  As the owner of the Post Office, Hengky Pratama assists hundreds of Mosman Park residents who require postal services every day.  His nominator comments that he frequently goes beyond the call of duty to assist those who require services from his store:  especially the elderly and people with disability.  For example, the Mosman Park Post Office was one of the few businesses in the Town to participate in a project that made their business more accessible to people with disability.  His kind and helpful manner and his cheery disposition are certainly appreciated by all his customers and the local members of the Mosman Park community. 

Open Door Award – St Luke’s Community Garden

St Luke's Community Garden provides a number of services to the Mosman Park community.  It promotes sustainability through composting and water saving practices and provides vital assistance in the promotion and running of the annual EcoFair at St Luke’s.  The Garden cares for the verges on Willis and Monument Street that promote sustainable gardening, and they educate school children in sustainable and healthy living practices.  Most significant to this Award is the group’s provision of accessible paths and garden beds that enable people with disability to participate in the various community activities that occur in the Garden.  According to the organisation’s nominator, St Luke's Community Garden has become an integral part of the Mosman Park community.  It is a place where local residents can come to work together, relax, enjoy and make friends.

Volunteer of the Year Award – Tim McGrath and Ian Andrews

Together, Ian and Tim act as scout leaders and enthusiastic role models who promote the enjoyment of sailing, boating and scouting to participating youth.  Every Tuesday night, they facilitate a meeting involving up to 20 children aged10-15.  At these meetings, they teach leadership skills, teamwork, sailing theory, chart navigation, and badge work.  They also carry out equipment repairs and organise and prepare for camps and sailing activities.  On most Saturday afternoons, they take Scouts out boating for at least four hours.  During this time, they teach the kids about sailing, water safety, raft building, and power boating, often using their own money to buy end of the day treats for the kids.  Throughout the year, they take the scouts on several all-weekend camps involving long drives, supervising bushwalks, teaching all aspects of camping and bush craft, and fire safety.  In addition to these commitments, both Ian and Tim attend regular Scout District Council meetings and perform other administrative duties associated with running a community group.

According to their nominator, Ian and Tim inspire the young scouts that they mentor.  The scout group and their parents love their patient and calm personalities, as they create a warm and friendly environment.  They foster all the values of scouting, in particular caring for and helping one another.  They also encourage participation in other community events, as well as intergroup activities. 

Hall of Fame – Alf Snell

Alf has lived in Mosman Park since childhood and attended Mosman Park Primary School.  He was a Councillor for the Town of Mosman Park for over 7 years, acting as Deputy Mayor and then Mayor in 2005 and 2006.  He is a life member and 15 year volunteer of TAPSS, in addition to being a foundation member of the Mosman Park Rotary Club and a past district governor of Rotary International.  He founded the Cord Blood Bank of WA project at Red Cross House, and he developed the Mosman Park Youth Advisory Council as we know it today.  He is a Bicentennial medalist, an Order of Australia medal recipient and is currently President of the Mosman Park branch of the RSL.  As evident by this list of achievements (and the many others that we do not have time to name), Alf is a man that lives the Rotary motto of ‘Service Above Self.’  His nominators comment that his deep knowledge and interest in the residents and activities of the area are truly extraordinary and worthy of an Award like this.

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