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The Council realises the importance of 'community' in Mosman Park and through various awards and initiatives, outstanding contributors are recognised for their role in our Town.

The Council also recognises the arts as an important element of our community and acknowledges creativity with awards in various areas of artistic expression.

The Council recognises individuals and groups through our award programs.


Local Legends - 2010 Mosman Park Volunteer Award Winners

21st October 2010

Good Neighbour Award

Leeanne McKie
Like her parents Jim and Tress O’Reilly, Leeanne looks out for everyone on her street. Leeanne looks after the dogs, cats, gardens and homes of neighbours when they are away and keeps everybody informed about neighbours who are sick or in need of support. 
Despite being the primary support for her son and brother who both have disabilities, Leeanne still thinks about others, keeping an eye on elderly neighbours, cooking for other people’s parties and inviting neighbours to join her own. Leeanne supports South Fremantle and the West Coast Eagles Football Clubs but enjoys just as much cheering for the local kids playing footy and cricket at Mann Oval. 
Environmental Action Award
Laurel Osbourne
Laurel is a key participant for restoring bushland in Minim Cove with Friend’s of Mosman Park Bushland where she helps out at least once a week. Laurel also volunteers for Friend’s of Kings Park, Rocky Bay and Dorothy Genders Retirement Village. 
The work in Mimin Cove bushland is the most strenuous of her volunteer activities but Laurel adapts to the tasks. She is meticulous at removing weeds to ensure the survival of native plants such as the Dryandra. Laurel will never shirk a hot morning in the bush, staying until she is completely red faced. She also offers a polite, friendly manner when helping find recruits for Friends of Mosman Park Bushland. 
Caring Kids Award (Under 13)
Phillip Prosser
Through his role as head boy at Mosman Park School for Deaf Children Phillip Prosser is a strong supportive leader of younger students. The development of his mediation skills has been observed in the playground. He resolves conflicts in a kind and caring manner. Phillip is a valued member of the signing choir and is a fabulous role model using speech and Auslan sign language to both deaf and hearing peers.
Young Legend Award (Under 25)
Lachlan Cooke
Lockie is a Mosman Park resident. He began the ICEA Foundation in 2007. The non profit organisation is a youth run charity which aims to increase school attendance in remote communities in the Kimberley. The Foundation runs youth events to raise awareness and bring the community together for a good cause. While completing his university degree, working and playing sport, Lockie has stayed committed and successfully managed to bring kids and young adults together in a friendly, fun and educational environment. Through Lockie’s leadership, several ICEA events have been run this year alone, the most recent being a highly publicised youth surfing competition. Mosman Park will also benefit from his work in the upcoming months with a PLC art exhibition and a Youth talent contest in Jabe Dodd Park. For a 20 year old, Lockie has achieved so much and his compassion to help others is only one of his many great qualities. 
Good Sports Award
Heart Foundation Walking Organisers Group
The Heart Foundation Walking Organisers Group voluntarily conduct weekly walks for members of their walking groups. They go the extra step of providing friendship, support and encouragement to the walkers. The organisers have been active for over two years and are very passionate about their role of encouraging residents to stay active and get out of their homes to meet their neighbours. The benefits to the wider community are vast.
The Local Business Community Service Award
Rocks Mosman Pharmacy
Dianne Armstrong and her staff provide free advice and assistance to all sections of the Mosman Park community on relevant health issues 6 days a week. Dianne and staff often drive elderly customers without transport home (especially in inclement weather). The Rocks Mosman Pharmacy Christmas colouring-in competitions for local children has become a “Mossie” institution with every child receiving a prize and entries displayed in the store. The Pharmacy also regularly donate prizes for local school fundraisers, community and sporting groups. With the authority to witness official documents Dianne also provides a free daily witness and certification service to residents.
Open Door Award
St Luke’s Anglican Parish
St Luke’s reaches out to people of all ages. Its various activities include an Op Shop with proceeds going to various charities and a Coffee Room that is open every Wednesday morning for free tea, coffee and home-made food. The Parish also runs a Community Garden used actively by various individuals and groups in the community. The garden also plays host to many talks and workshops about organic gardening, sustainability, composting and worm farms. 
In addition, St Luke’s parishioners regularly visit the four nursing homes in Mosman Park and hold a service in each every month. Alexandra Hall is available for concerts, rehearsals, meetings and other gatherings of Mosman Park residents. The Parish provide Sunday Breakfast between services which are open to all as is Sunday School for young people. The parish is currently exploring further ways to encourage young people to use their facilities.
Volunteer of the Year Award
Jan Lay
More than ten years ago Jan Lay volunteered to become the Head Supervisor of the Save the Children Fund shop in Mosman Park. She had arrived in Perth just prior to this time. Earlier she had escaped Germany during the holocaust and spent much of her life in India. She has survived breast cancer and nursed her daughter through the same fate. Jan works tirelessly at least three times per week at the shop organising and supervising all activities – sorting, pricing, staffing, shop design and all of the administrative duties.
Jan’s past experience in the fashion industry, creativity and leadership qualities have qualified her in making the shop very interesting, organised and boutique-like. Jan is a born leader (leading approximately 40 volunteers) and is innovative in the way she manages the shop. Her honesty and integrity are on show for all to see. Through her vision she has had the shop renovated, incorporating new modern shelving and showcases.
Jan Lay goes about her voluntary work in a quietly enthusiastic manner, never seeking praise, just content seeing the shop make so much money benefitting children in the world who need assistance. She is an unsung hero who in her senior years has embraced a huge challenge.
Hall of Fame
Charles Arthur Smith
Charlie has lived on the same street in Mosman Park all his 80 years. He went to Cottesloe Primary School, Claremont Demonstration School and attended Fremantle Boys High School. Charlie did a plumbing apprenticeship when he was 14 and went on to work for Ben Brown in Stuart Street before starting his own local Mosman Park business around 1952. He eventually established a workshop in the light industrial area in McCabe Street. Charlie always had a special affiliation with the elderly citizens always wanting to help. Many people say he had a special rate of a “cup of tea” for minor jobs. Charlie was an avid fisherman in both the river and sea and was always generous with his seafood supplying many people with free fresh fillets of fish, crabs and prawns. Charlie could put his hand to anything from catching rabbits in the bush to repairing wheelchairs for anybody at no charge. Charlie joined Rotary Club in 1972, he was club president in 1987/88 and he is a Paul Harris Awardee. While in Rotary Charlie was instrumental in building the Wishing Well opposite the Council Chambers in Bay View Terrace, he worked tirelessly collecting white elephant goods from people’s homes before the days of Council pickup. Charlie repaired anything that could be repaired and sold all the collected goods at the Claremont Community Fair each year, bringing thousands of dollars for Rotary projects. Charlie’s home was always open for young Rotaractors and he gave great support and encouragement to younger people in our community. To this day Charlie is assisting our Seniors with his plumbing skills.

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