Arts and Culture

The Town of Mosman Park runs a number of programs and initiatives that seek to engage residents in a range of artistic and cultural opportunities that enliven and enrich the community.
Below is a list of some of the programs and initiatives that exist on an annual basis. Information relating to current and upcoming initiatives will be listed on the Town’s Events or News pages.


Art Collection

The Town of Mosman Park has a collection of over 80 diverse artworks and photographs that form a rich cultural resource of the Town. The collection spans over nine decades, with representations from well-known West Australian artists like the late Robert Juniper, D’hange Yammanee, David Jay Reed, Mary-Jane Malet and Marshall Clifton.

The focus of the art collection is to document, preserve, acquire and display artworks that reflect and respond to Mosman Park’s history, identify and character. A number of the artworks in the Town’s collection have been acquired through the Town’s Art Award, which began in 1985 and ran through 2012. In 2013, the Award continued however with only Photography and Junior Art submissions being accepted.

Winners of the Photography Award remains as the Town’s primary source of acquisitions to the collection.
A digital art gallery of the Town’s collection is available for viewing on the Town’s website here.

Individuals interested in viewing the art collection in person may request a tour from the Community Development Officer, Haylie Clark. An appointment is required.

Local History

The Town of Mosman Park has a number of current initiatives underway that seek to capture and share the unique history of Mosman Park and its residents, including the recently completed Heritage Trail, and the “What’s in a Name” project and the publishing of stories in the Town’s newsletter and on our Facebook page.

Beyond large initiatives, the Community Development Officer is available to answer any questions from internal or external parties that relate to the history of the Town and possible sources of information

The Town of Mosman Park Heritage Trail begins at the Administration Centre and follows a similar route along the river as the new Wardun Beelier Bidi trail (part of the Whadjuk Trail). It passes through Town, passing important historical landmarks on the way back to the Administration Centre. Further information, including a map of the trail, can be found here.

The “What’s in a Name” project highlights nine places of significance identified throughout the Town, with interpretive panels detailing historical information and photographs enabling visitors to learn more about the stories and importance of the sites. More information can be found here.


Although no direct multicultural programs and services are currently run by the Town, the Town is, however, looking into developing programs that celebrate the Town’s multiculturalism in the future.

Any queries regarding the Town’s cultural make-up should be addressed to the Community Development Officer. For further information, you can view the Town's Cultural Profile, or a Cultural Dictionary to increase understanding of other cultures when working with them.


Photographic Awards

The Mosman Park Photographic Awards were held for 30 years and historically, printed entries were submitted and an exhibition held in conjunction with the Junior Art Awards. We changed the format for the 2015 Awards to create a red carpet event that not only showcased the year’s top twelve photographs of Mosman Park, but also supported a local worthy charity, providing an opportunity for a local non-for-profit organisation to partner with us- that charity being Rocky Bay. The winning entry was retained by the Town and added to the Art Collection, and awarded $1,500 prize money. The remaining 11 entries were auctioned at the event with majority of the proceeds donated to Rocky Bay. Congratulations to Georgie Carey for receiving first prize with her entry titled "My Secret Hideaway".

To view the gallery of the top twelve entries, including Georgie's winning piece, please click here.

Junior Art Awards

Most years, local students aged 13 years and younger are invited to submit drawings and paintings for judging and exhibition as part of the Junior Art Awards. Winners receive a share of $500 cash, plus great prizes.

Public Art

The Town of Mosman Park believes that public art plays an important role in the everyday lives of residents, as it can enhance and complement their environments, bring communities together, offer social and educational opportunities and promote tourism.

Choosing the right location, type and narrative for the artwork is essential in determining whether a piece will be appropriate, effective and well-received by the community. As such, the Town of Mosman Park developed a Public Art Policy and Strategy in 2012 that provides the Town a planned and considered approach to its procurement and placement of public art within its local government boundaries.

To view the newly-created interactive web map of the Town's public art installations, click here.

Any inquiries regarding public art that already exists within the Town and possible public art projects should be directed to the Community Development Officer, Haylie Clark on 9384 1633 or email


MosArts is the peak-body that operates from the historic Camelot Building (also known as Memorial Hall) on 16 Lochee Street in Mosman Park.

All enquiries regarding artistic and cultural events at Camelot that are not directly run by the Town of Mosman Park should be forwarded to MosArts on 9385 3827 or email


Waterwise council

National Relay Service

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can call the Town of Mosman Park through the National Relay Service.

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Solar Power at the Administration

The Town of Mosman Park has installed solar panels (photo voltaic cells) on the roof of the Administration building. We’re producing power and reducing carbon emissions.

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